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Wave of Fury | Photograph by Oscar Martinez Diego (@omartinezdiego)
#YourShotPhotographer Oscar Martinez Diego photographed dramatic winter storms sending crashing waves into Spain's Mouro Island, upon which a lighthouse stands. For decades after its construction in the 19th century, such a storm would have stranded the lighthouse keeper, the island's sole resident. But the light has been automated for almost one hundred years.

"This is amazing! When I first looked at it, for a split second I thought it was snow. You captured it beautifully, and it's powerful and amazing. So full of action I can feel the energy. Love it, Oscar!! :)" — #YourShotPhotographer Janet Ellison


Thinking about heading to the mountains soon ⛰🏔⛰ - here’s a throwback to one of my favorite trips last year ❤️

San Martín de los Andes, Patagonia.

Embroidery artist ipnot’s (@ipnot) creations bring a modern style to an ancient craft. Her realistic, miniature food-inspired pieces have a 3D quality that lifts them from the surface on which they are sewn. “I use my needle like a paintbrush and I stitch one knot at a time,” she says.

Photo and video by @ipnot

Kyoto, Japan

Photos by Carlton Ward Jr. @carltonward | This series is from a new story about the future of the Florida panther. Visit the link in my bio or to learn how new toll roads could block the panther’s path to recovery. I’ve been covering the story of the Florida panther for the past three years using custom-made camera traps through my Path of the Panther project with @insidenatgeo. The Florida panther is the last subpopulation of pumas surviving in the eastern United States. It has persevered because of its ability to live in the hurricane-battered swamps of the southern Everglades, where as few as 20 panthers survived the hunting and persecution that eliminated pumas everywhere east of the Mississippi River. It’s from these Everglades swamps that the panther has staged its recovery, and is beginning to reclaim its historic territory in the northern Everglades and beyond. Panthers need expansive territory. One panther's home range is up to 200 square miles—ten times the size of Manhattan. That makes the Florida panther an umbrella species, which means protecting habitat for one panther helps protect habitat for hundreds of other species. As shown in these photos, a Florida black bear, white egret, American alligator (with a giant salamander in its mouth), and coyote all share the same trails with the panther. To learn more about the different species, how these photos were made, and what happened when Hurricane Irma hit my camera traps a few days after this panther photo was captured, please visit @carltonward. We are following the story of the endangered Florida panther to inspire protection of the Florida Wildlife Corridor (@fl_wildcorridor). #floridawild #panther #KeepFLWild @ilcp_photographers @pathofthepanther #pathofthepanther.


Photo by @KristaRossow | Budapest’s iconic Széchenyi Chain Bridge and the Hungarian Parliament Building light up after dusk while sightseeing boats ply the Danube River. Although Budapest is a beautiful city at any time of day, I think the city is the most magical during twilight, also appropriately called blue hour. For more images of Hungary’s capital city, follow me @KristaRossow. #Budapest #Hungary #Danube


Breakfast at ✨@kivotossantorini✨ which one is your favorite?
Eggs, fruit salad or Greek Salad ✨😍😍😍✨
Pics by @_letstravel_ #kivotossantorini

Kivotos Santorini

Luis Alberto Spinetta vive en el corazón de los músicos que compartieron mucho más que los escenarios con él. Ricardo Mollo, líder de @divididosoficial, trae al presente su legado y elige sus 3 temas favoritos. ¿Los tuyos cuáles son? 🎶 #BiosSpinetta. Estreno, domingo 29 de septiembre, 8 PM PE / 9 PM COL / 10 PM ARG-CHI / 11 PM MEX.


#手機組 #徵件中 #2019國家地理全球攝影大賽


🎉攝影大賽手機組 增設特別徵件活動🎉
☛大賽徵件期間以OPPO 系列手機拍攝投稿,即可參加 #想像創作獎 特別徵件活動,前三名得獎者將獲得OPPO Reno10倍變焦版手機 !


#2019NGPC #手機組指定主題 #生活與光影 #OPPOReno #想像更近一點
(Shot on OPPO Reno 10x Zoom)


“I’ve got this 💪 “ writes @boscoandhisbigstick



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