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Chris Gardner

People often ask me, what is the HAPPY-EST moment of my life. One of the happYest moments for me was when I was five or six years old and my Uncle Henry came to visit. Now I ask you, what is the happYest moment in YOUR life?


Chris Gardner

Always moving FORWARD; no turning BACK. 📷 with KC.


Chris Gardner

Getting ready for the NFL PLAYOFFS! Preview this Sunday. CHICAGO BEARS vs. LA RAMS! The winner of THIS game is going to the SUPER BOWL!


Chris Gardner

Loving the NEW work, looking at June 2019 for book NUMBER 3! #Permission2Dream coming soon.


Chris Gardner

I don’t need a DNA test, just look at the noses. And by the way, everything that you see in this picture that looks like gold IS; but they didn’t let me bring it home.
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Chris Gardner

Passion, practice and preparation will always separate you from your competitors.
But on another note, what about this illustration? Thanks to the artist @gambarsayajelek for the work.
Peace and power.
Illustration by @gambarsayajelek


Chris Gardner

That’s a WRAP! Just did the THIRD speaking event of the DAY! Only possible when you OWN the sky! ✌🏾+💪🏾 +✈️ Peace Power and PLANES!


Chris Gardner

@TheRAKE, the only magazine that is truly about men’s least until @Edward_Enninful, brings back men’s Vogue. 🤷🏾‍♂️
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Chris Gardner

Honored to have received this award from @IFcharities, Israel is doing incredible work in our community, but why is he wearing pink pants? 😂 @IIdonije

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Chris Gardner

Who KNEW! 🤷🏾‍♂️ Five hundred MILLON dollars in ticket sales, the film “Pursuit of Happyness” had just become the FIRST American film to be shown in China, and Will Smith nominated for an Academy Award for playing me. Who KNEW! 😊
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Chris Gardner

When your new FAVORITE substitute teacher starts class! 😂 Shepton High Rocks! #permission2dream


Chris Gardner

Throwback and throw IT out…the suit and the fat! 😂