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Happy Birthday to my little, big sister, @livii_yael! I don’t think you’ll ever really know how much I look up to you and how proud I am of you. Thanks for showing @ronnieee22 & I the way. #CerdaVegaClan #FutureSilva


Learning more and more each time around

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A HUGE “Thank You” to everyone that had a part in our most recent Family Room & Bedroom Addition Project in Westminster, CA!

New PR: 9 weeks from breaking ground to Client enjoying, happily.

Scope: 480 SF addition of family room with 9’ tray ceiling, bay windows and custom cabinetry, 16x12 bedroom/study with walk-in closet.



Lil’ 10 day kitchen renovation before Thailand 🇹🇭 #anotherone @keynotebuilders X


This came up on my FB memories from two years ago. Still true as ever. We all have our own inner battles we deal with but if anybody ever needs someone to talk to or needs help finding the right type of help, please reach out to me! #mentalhealthawareness


Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful amor @lissetteponcee thank you for always loving me even when I wasn’t as loving #ladykeynote


Your legacy lives on inside each of us, @jacobrahhhh. Rest easy, big guy.


Tonight is our boy @jacobrahhhh’s Memorial at @hbrackhouse

Hope everyone can make it!


Thanks for being one of my biggest cheerleaders, Cobra @jacobrahhhh


If you told me 10 years ago, that at 29, I would be building houses and running my own construction company, I’d think you were mentally unstable. If you told me that today - I would absolutely tell you the same. Even though I am fortunate enough to put my brand all over this stuff, it doesn’t happen without the hands and efforts of so many individuals. You all know who you are and I appreciate the fuck out of each and every one of you. As for me... It’s easy to look back at my first year in business and scrutinize every mistake I made. But looking back on this most recent project made me feel proud of what I’ve been able to string together. To pull off a project like this in 3 short months is record time for me. The planning, preparation, organization, and execution of this entire production was some next level stuff. Thank you to all of you out there that are consistently showing me and @keynotebuilders love on all of the content we put out. All the likes and shares really help put us out there and are always creating new opportunities - and for that, I am forever grateful. Much love and I hope everyone has Happy Holidays.


The tourist trap. #labufadora #ensenada


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