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A river of cow skulls outside an abattoir. I just saw this on the side of the road - it is, I guess, the end result of all the deforestation I'm seeing here. On assignment for @natgeo in Brazil


Last night while driving across Maranhao, Brazil we saw this forest fire burning on the side of the road. I'd spent the day photographing fires and their destruction from a small aeroplane and was shocked by what I saw - this part of the Amazon rainforest has essentially gone and it's a vast area. This lone tree was holding out but I doubt it will survive. Sad to see. On assignment for @natgeo


@rtaylorjones1 how about a picture of my lunch instead?


A nice morning to be a sort of mutt type doodle thing


The boys from Brazil - been hanging out with these guys for the last few days. Good guys protecting their lands. On assignment for @natgeo


Well that was quite a storm - 56mm in an hour. On assignment for @natgeo in Brazil


Christmas coming early to the Amazon


Got the new drone out to shoot forest fires. It was very scary taking off inside a burning forest and worrying when the smoke caused the drone to lose signal and vanish - I could see it anywhere. But we found it way up in the sky and landed it safely. Shot on assignment for @natgeo


Fire in Araroboia, Brazil yesterday. A crew made up of indigenous Guajaja and IBAMA fire fighters spend several months every year tackling fires in forest and agricultural areas within the Arariboia indigenous land. The area has been ravaged by fire. In the hills in the background of this image are Awa people still living in isolation - uncontacted is the more sensationalist word. The fire crews work hard to protect their forests. Shot on assignment for @natgeo


@marcojoseamazon translating some photography tips to @edvanguajajara who runs the internet in the Guajaja indigenous village of Zutiwa in the Brazilian Amazon. I told Edvan to shoot daily life of his tribe in then village and learn to look at the light and composition- follow him and encourage he's a good guy and wants to be a photographer @edvanguajajara . On assignment for @natgeo


This week I have been out hunting with Awa people in eastern Brazil. This young lad is carrying a shotgun. Many Awa still hunt traditionally with bows and arrows - some communities use guns also. Shot on assignment for @natgeo


I think I'll choose..... hmmm...... none of them


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Hi guys if you could get behind this book project 'Photographers Against Wildlife Crime' images from the worlds best conservation photo journalists. What I'm really excited about is their will be a Chinese version as well. Please visit the link in my bio to contribute and make the effort to buy the book itself. I can only leave this link up for a couple of days as we still have our elephant campaign going. For a better tomorrow. Many thanks 🙏 cover shoot by Mr Adrian Steirn @adriansteirn


Driving from Imperatriz to Santa Inez today in the eastern Amazon. Total destruction the whole way. Saw this lone tree, my buddy Marco said he thought it was a mahogany-- whatever it is it's a hardwood by the looks of it; standing alone in a sea of nothing - beyond a vast eucalyptus plantation - monoculture .


Flying over the eastern Amazon this morning these blocks of food crops went on as far as I could see with just small bits of fragmented forest between them. I'm guessing it's soya


What was once the Amazon. Just landed in Brazil on assignment for @natgeo


They are chocolate so you can't have any @watsonthewonderdoodle


Big Piney, Wyoming


Off to Brazil on assignment for @natgeo with my three favourite books and One Hundred Years of Solitude which I've yet to read. Perfect South America collection I say.


Check this little dude out - bounding through one of my camera traps in the sage brush. I checked the camera trap today and it was basically all rabbits. I'm trying for bobcats but they are proving elusive.


A morning hike picking up camera traps


Got some help editing pictures today - courtesy of Mist and @framiltonjames


I'm not sure this is the most sensible place to hang out. #bighornsheepofthehobacknation


That's a lot of cows! Shot from my trusty steed - probably called Concord or something. On assignment for @natgeo


Moving cows through the sage brush today. Daniel, Wyoming


Working today


Hollywood bowl for Jane premiere. #jane @natgeo


Way to go @natgeo !!!