Channing Frye@channingfrye

👻 mrctf

This is easily the best post ever! Thanks @kevinlove for the love


Well i guess this is hello again


Never take a moment for granted. 3 generations of Frye watching the sport they love, in a moment that only matters to me. Appreciate every day, I’m glad someone sent me this photo to motivate me to be the best me.


Gettin that work in all. Every team every player has their work cut out for them this year. @cemcondition83


@forgeperformancenw just felt like seeing how fast I could do a 100m roe. 14.7 on a rower that’s to small for me isn’t bad. @concept2inc


I laughed way to hard,doing this video. But seriously though these Drawls are comfy as hell! @skvi_official


@fryelo12 you made me post this Logan! When I ask what are you doing lie, an say chillin like the rest of the world


Since y’all had so much fun roast the last picture. No i don’t know who that was and I was dressed like that because it was a throwback party! @misterbrooks006 had the same outfit! This was 2006


Since I’m turning 35, figured I’d try n google the youngest picture I could find. I was such angry person in this photo


I’m waiting to wAtch it alone and in strong emotional state.


Please give it a break.This goes for all social media outlets


They got ya boy some extended ropes.... just FYI that machine sucks! 3:30 1k to end a solid workout @forgeperformancenw @adirafitness @higherstandards_fitness @ryan_force20