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I was about 7 when I started getting bullied for being LGBT by the boys on my council estate... now I’m fronting a pride campaign for one of the biggest clothing brands in the county... and when I go back to my old estate them same boys who bullied me are trying to hit it 🐸☕️Thank you to @riverisland for helping me to beat (and turn down 💅) my bullies, it’s especially fitting because £3 of each sale goes to anti-bullying charity @ditchthelabel and thank you to @londontransclinic too because I honestly wouldn’t have the confidence to do stuff like this if it wasn’t for the facial feminisation surgery I had with them ❤️ 📸 by @marc_abe 💄 by @lyndadarragh #lovenotlabels #riverisland #imwearingri #ditchthelabel #lgbt #lgbtq #pride #transgender #trans #transsexual #transgirl #girlslikeus


#2girls1toilet no. 3 (never gonna top the original 🙄)


I’m posting this for my trans followers (though there’s something in it for everyone) - I’ve been feeling really down lately, I can’t put into words the sense of urgency I feel to ‘finish’ my transition, because I’ve always felt like I can’t start living my life till I’m ‘finished’. The only way I can describe it is like being in prison but not having a release date. Realistically I’ll probably be fully done in about a year, so I’m coming to the end of my sentence now thank God but there are still days I can’t get out of bed because it hurts me on such a deep level that my life is passing me by and I haven’t even started living. I saw my friend’s sister the other day who is only 18 and started transitioning at like 12, (all go follow @paige_griffiths_1357 she’s so brave and beautiful) I love you Paige but I also low key hate you babes, I’m jealous I never got to be me at that age, I’m jealous I never had a childhood of getting girls toys for Christmas, I’m jealous I never got to go to a girls school, I’m jealous I never got to be a teenage girl and dress up and go to parties with my friends, I’m jealous I never got to have my first date or my first kiss as a girl and that I had to wait till I was in my 20s to feel comfortable enough to do these things. I almost didn’t post this because I know there are people who transition at double or even triple my age who must feel what I’m feeling on an even deeper level but I came across this the other day and it spoke to me like nothings spoken to be in a long time, especially the last line, so I wanted to share it to help any of my other trans siblings who feel like they are ‘late’. You are very much on time. ❤️ Also check my story for an event I’m doing with @londontransclinic who are a great resource to know about if you’re transitioning #londontransgenderclinic #trans #transgender #transgirl #transman #transwoman #transsexual #girlslikeus


I was supposed to speak at Amnesty International women’s festival today, but pulled out because of the amount of abuse from transphobic ‘feminists’ at the inclusion of trans women at the event. This isn’t even the first time I’ve had to pull out of things because of transphobes - it’s the THIRD work gig I’ve pulled out of for fear of my own safety JUST👏THIS👏MONTH👏 and the JOKEEEEEEEE is that these transphobic ‘feminists’ argue that trans women like me make THEM feel unsafe in women’s spaces 🙃 if I don’t laugh I’m gonna cry, so here is a video of me flipping my hair (by mistake to be fair) in a cis girl’s face in a women’s toilet BECAUSE IM THAT LEVEL OF PETTY 😈 love you @sophiecullcandy ❤️😂 (watch it with the sound on it’s so much better) #petty #cisphobia #ItsAHairFlip #ItsWhatever #ChrisCrocker #trans #transgender #transgirl #transsexual #girlslikeus


🏳️️‍🌈So so proud (get it 😂)to be in @riverisland ‘s Pride campaign!!! 🏳️️‍🌈 £3 of each sale goes to anti-bullying charity @ditchthelabel 🏳️️‍🌈 Check out the full collection on their website - I want everythinggggg 😭 so much outfit inspo for pride events!! 🏳️️‍🌈 🏳️️‍🌈 📸 @marc_abe 💄 @lyndadarragh #LoveNotLabels #LabelsAreForClothes #ImWearingRI #RiverIsland #Pride #lgbt #lgbtq #lesbian #gay #bi #trans #queer #transgender #transsexual #transgirl #girlslikeus


Merch? ...Or nahhh? 💅 #nailtransphobia


🐝When you’re feeling yourself ...and then a bee decides to feel you too cos you look THAT good (swipe to see the chaos) 📷&🧥by @sophiecullcandy 🐝


From the fancy Shrek font on the door I was expecting the toilets at Parliament to be proper nice... They proper weren’t 🙃 (swipe to see) THANK YOU FOR THE SUIT @asos ❤️nothing badder than a pastel 2 piece 💁🏻‍♀️#asseenonme #asos


So I never actually shared this video that went along with the @missguided campaign I shot the other month; partly because Im a mess who has lost all control of her life and partly (mostly) because I’m TRIGGEREDddddd by the size difference between me and @toriwest 😂😂😂 FMLLLL they did me DIRTYYYYY putting me next to her making me look like a rugby player in drag IM ONLY 5’8 GUYSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Transphobia 😂 lol nah thank you so so much for having me Missguided , shooting this was a little dream come true for me, the first dress I ever bought when I transitioned was from Missguided and now I’m shooting campaigns for them, I can’t believe my life sometimes ❤️ #SueMe #missguided #makeherstory #trans #transgender #transgirl #transsexual #girlslikeus


Also. Lol. #KardashiOn love my mum 😂❤️


It’s been exactly a year since @junodawson @uglastefania @thefoxfisher @lengmonty and I were shot for the cover of the Sunday Times mag to go along with a piece Juno wrote about being trans, which really humanised the issue in a real and accessible way for readers who might not understand us. Sadly the piece was pulled last minute, had they ran the feature perhaps we wouldn’t be seeing some of the fuckery we’ve seen on TV in the last week (I’m looking at you @channel4, what’s good ??? 🐸☕️) ANYWAYYYYY can we have a moment for my snatched body, this was right after my facial surgery with @londontransclinic and I was on a liquid diet ... contemplating going on a full time liquid diet after seeing these again 😂 #genderquake #trans #transgender #transsexual #transgirl #transguy #transman #transphobia #facialfeminisation #londontransgenderclinic


Everytime @sophiecullcandy and I meet up we take a selfie in a toilet in the exact same pose, inspired by our iconic toilet selfie in Lacock . We’re gonna release a book of all the photos when we’re famous -comment ideas for the name of the book below, I’m thinking 2 girls 1 toilet 👩🏻🚽👩🏼 Also I’m aware I’m not standing on the sink in the latest photo I’ll do better next time (THANK YOU FOR THE SUIT @asos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️) #2girls1toilet #asseenonme #asos


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