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I’ve been sick for the last two weeks and it has NOT been fun. 😷 The Phoenix sun feels wonderful, though. ☀️ #Sick #ConferenceTime #Phoenix #DowntownPhoenix

Phoenix Convention Center

Happy Valentine’s Day to my main squeeze 😬❤️ It’s our 4th Valentine’s Day together and that is just so insane to me!!! I love you so much and although it’s kind of a bummer we couldn’t spend the day together, we will be together in less than a month! I’m excited to see you, @nemanja.demic ❤️
📷: @car.banks 😍

Flagstaff, Arizona

Happy birthday to my gorgeous grandmother ❤️ @grandmacheryl3 I love you

El Mirage, Arizona

#TBT to Austin. I crave more travel in my life. #NeedToTravel #TravelItch

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Austin

This will always be my favorite view. #MyNAUview #WinterWonderland

Northern Arizona University

Waking up to a #WinterWonderland? YES. Not being able to turn the key to unlock my car? Not as fun lol. Thank goodness for public transportation here in Flagstaff! #OffToWork #Snow #Flagstaff #ThisIsArizonaToo

Flagstaff, Arizona

One of my resolutions was to acknowledge the negative but recognize it is only temporary. 🙂 Even though I’m sick and feeling a little lonely, I’m happy that I had a day to relax today and recover. I did my grocery shopping because I needed food, I cleaned my bathroom, and I finally just got to rest. 😴 In a world of hustle, I’m learning that it’s good to take breaks, wind down, and take care of myself. Back to the grind tomorrow. 😉

Flagstaff, Arizona

Shout out to @nemanja.demic for landing in Honduras TODAY & starting work TOMORROW!!! ✏️ You’re such a hard worker, my love 💙 He’ll need words of encouragement to get through his first day as a FIRST GRADE TEACHER 👨🏫 soooo let’s hear them! 👇

Flagstaff, Arizona

And off he goes, ready to save the world. 💝 When we met I knew he was something special & that his heart was huge (even if he tried to hide it). Little did I know we’d travel the world together and make enough memories to last a lifetime. Well, now it’s time for him to make his own and for me to make my own. These 6 months are going to be scary as heck, but I know it’s only going to make us stronger. Honduras is waiting for you 🇭🇳 See you soon, bub 💙 love you

LAX - Los Angeles International Airport

I took this picture at the top of the @azsnowbowl ski lift today while casually holding on to dear life and internally screaming. At least i wasn’t externally screaming... and it’s a pretty view. #snowbowl #skilift #flagstaff #az

Arizona Snowbowl

Rang in 2018 with this cutie. 😉 @nemanja.demic

Downtown Flagstaff AZ