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Chef Rubber offers specialty items for Artisan Chefs, Cake Decorators, Confectioners, and Mixologists.

Featuring these Stellar chocolate bars, made by student Ethan during chocolate week at @lescheneauxculinaryschool with @artisanne_chocolatier

Photo by @artisanne_chocolatier


If you love glitter, then you will love the Disco Sparkles ✨ collection in our Decorating Sparkles section. An iridescent, color and glitter explosion 💥


Summertime ready ☀️ 🌊


Take a look at these fun bonbons made by @lustrechocolat |
Berries and Vanilla. •

Photo by @lustrechocolat


Check out our Candy Pearls, Metallic Dragees, and Plain Uncoated pearls in the Finishing Touches section of our website.
Use our metallic dragees to add an extra touch to display cakes, decorative pieces or showpieces.


Did you know that #nationaldonutday was created by The Salvation Army in Chicago in 1938 to honor their members who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I 🇺🇸 Use our Independence Day Transfer Sheet designs to get ready for not only Memorial Day but to also help get your 🍩 🍩 ‘s ready for June 1st



“Pistache Ganache, Crystalized Herbs and 55% , we felt like leaving the “What’s inside of it” mystery out and offer a more revealing option. - @luisamado777

Photo by @jasonrobertsart


What’s the difference between Edible Glitter and Flashy & Disco sparkles?
Our Edible Glitter is made out of Gum Arabic and is in a flake form which can be crushed to create a fine glitter, and are FDA approved as an edible Item.


Summertime is almost here and so is #nationaldoughnutday what better way than to celebrate with some Palm Leave inspired doughnuts 😋 🌴 🍩


The backstory to each of her chocolates is so inspiring, and we love how she is able to capture and translate the story in each of her chocolate pieces. .
“The twenty-four piece chocolate set has a minimalist design and all contain one flavor: salted caramel with butter cookie hazelnut crunch. I purposefully used red and black because these colors represent courage and boldness. I used solid colors for each shape to intentionally enhance the strong edges of the triangles and squares. This gives an overall sharp and minimalistic finish, leaving you with a sense of wow! .” - @songbelinda


Beautiful hand painted cake with colored cocoa butter created made by @sarahrhelzer .
Photo by @sarahrhelzer


Red Rover transfer sheet in the decorative section of our website, available in 10 and 30 sheet counts.


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