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Things will happen in our life that send us on twists and turns, and all we can do is trust that we’ll end up in the right path. 🌺
This one is a bit more experimental with the colors and the composition! I’m not sure where the direction of the piece went, but I think I learned while creating it. ヽ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ #animation #inspirational #encouragement


It would make me so happy to see you thriving and being the best version of yourself.✨ It would make this toasty-colored dog happy too! ☀️ #motivational #selfgrowth #thriving


A reminder for myself and for you all! It's never a fair comparison because we all started in completely different situations and you never know the full story of other people’s lives. It’s healthier to focus on our own lives instead, where there is more that we can control and improve upon. 🌻
#selfesteem #selfcare #insecurity


I wish I could buy some more time management!! ⏰I decided to sleep 8 hours instead of drawing yesterday so bringing back this post from 2015! #webcomic #studying #chibird


The mini cactus is so surprised and delighted that her flower is blooming! 🌺✨ I hope this comic makes you smile because it sure makes me smile. ;u; #cactus #webcomic #wholesome


May your August be as good as this cat playing with a ramen noodle. 🐱🍜 #animation #august #ramen


It’s hard to feel like you’re making progress on a daily or even monthly basis. But if you look back at all the struggles you’ve overcome, and all the amazing accomplishments you’ve had and journeys you’ve taken in your life, you have a lot to be proud of. ❤️✨#motivationmonday #inspirational #webcomic


This shiba cake is for you all! I really appreciate everyone’s kind words and support this week. 🐶🍒🍰The world needs more compassion and love, and you all are definitely helping out that cause. ❤️#kindness #shiba #doodleart


IT DOES GET BETTER. This one is a bit sad because I was having tough day yesterday when I drew this. But even though it can be hard, I want anyone who’s going through a rough time to know that it does get better. 💛 You are strong enough to make it through. Sending lots of positive energy to everyone today! #itgetsbetter #mentalhealthawareness #sadness


It’s really important to work hard and prepare for the future! But you should also pay attention to your day-to-day happiness because you shouldn’t have to wait to be happy. 🐻🍓
#webcomic #motivational #chibird


There isn’t just one path that represents success- there are hundreds of possibilities, and they all look different! 🌱✨#webcomic #inspirational #selfworth


Stay strong throughout the storms! You’ll be greeted by the warm sunlight when it’s over! ☀️
#animation #inspirational #encouragement