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Circus DB work from Monday: 170lbs and 190lbs (PR)
Ssb Squat: 240kg/525lbs
Deficit Banded DL: 2 singles at 225kg /495 + bands (not sure how much band tension, I just know it felt like at least 100lbs at the top) <——got this idea from @doctor.deadlift
I know I have more in me on the SSB when my hip stops acting up. Also, I like to keep my elbows pinned to my sides on the SSB to make the movement harder, as opposed to pushing the handles up. Keeping the elbows tight to the sides makes the SSB pull you forward and down even more in my opinion. I feel my thoracic/upper back gets 2x be work this way
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Some of my power jerks after push press today. Weights are 157kg/345lbs, 166kg/365lbs, and 175kg/385lbs. Took 184kg/405lbs twice after these, but my legs had nothing left 🙄
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Training clips from today, car DL from 2 weeks ago, and last week.
Today my focus was mainly moving events. Spent a ton of time working on yoke, particularly my footwork trying to be smoother and take shorter steps (hard when moving down and uphill). Then spent some time doing a short 3 implement medley with farmers, husafell, and keg (also tough when you don’t have a ton of space lol). I gave each of these implements a little more work after running through the medley 4-5 times.
Other clips were videos from my IG stories of Goodmornings, Beltless Deficit Snatch Grip DL, and a clip of one of my 10000 triples on DL Tuesday. —————————————-
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Everything done today was over head...powers on both Snatch and CJ, Log (push pressed no jerks), and Circus DB. Finished with standing DB presses, lat pulldowns, and tricep work. Log cleans were a little slow today :/


Did a lot today for training, starting with Front Squat doubles up to 207kg/455lbs and then a backdown sets paused at 143kg/315lbs.
Shown in the video is a Zercher Squat PR out of the rack which is SIGNIFICANTLY harder for me than the floor (weights are 405lbs and 495lbs❗️). Next were Sumo Pulls (current minimum top single at 280kg/615lbs) no backdown today, but instead got extra volume pulling from pins after (triple shown at 289kg/635lbs). Can’t wait to be pulling in the 700s... in a few weeks I will be 😈
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Couple clips from my weightlifting session today. I did a few things differently... I squatted first before snatching instead of muscle snatches to warm up, snatched without a shirt to save it for CJ and not be slippery and soaking wet, snatched with a belt for the first time in my life to see if I felt stronger, did high hang power snatches post clean-and-jerk, and finished with muscle snatches (something else I don’t usually do). My goal was just to get more reps snatching today to try to find my timing, positions, and comfort again. It doesn’t help that I come into every Monday weightlifting session still smoked from Saturday, but that’s no excuse, I just need to be more efficient.
Snatched up to 130kg/286lbs no misses, backed off and worked back up to 120, didn’t clean-and-jerk very heavy, then did a couple singles at 110kg/242lbs on the high hang power snatch, and finished with 4 singles at 100kg/220lbs on the muscle snatch
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A couple clips from today and one from last Monday’s 2nd workout of the day.
Hit a 157kg/345lbs Push Press, 280kg/615lbs Sumo DL triple, and a beltless 248kg/545lbs Snatch Grip DL in last Monday’s PM session.
It’s funny how my reps get better and better each rep when I pull on the Texas DL bar.. I literally felt like I could’ve gotten 10 reps at 615.
This is my actual snatch grip btw (about 2 inches away from the collars), the DL bar is just longer than a weightlifting bar


Here some clips from the Best of the West 2018 Strongman competition today. Took 4th out of 2 combined weight classes in the middleweights, which was very stacked and competitive. A couple mistakes including taking too much time in between the clean and the press, lining up too far to the right on the axle deadlift, hitting the sled on the deadlift platform, and accidentally letting my air out on the zercher yoke hurt my placing. All in all it was a fun competition. Solid day for first comp and one I didn’t train for it (found the competition 2 weeks ago).
Axle Clean and Press: 240lbs max reps in 60 seconds
15” Axle w/ tires DL: 525lbs max reps in 60 seconds
Farmers and Sled Drag: 240lbs per hand w/ 450lbs sled drag 60’ for time
Zercher yoke: 500lbs 60’ for time
Sandbag/keg/keg carry and load: 200lbs sandbag 60’ To 52 inch platform, 200lbs keg for 40’, and 225lbs keg 25’


Front Squat (last week): 239kg/525lbs
Hang P Snatch: couple singles at 120kg/264lbs
Axle Clean and Press: easy double at 245lbs just for little extra exposure
15” Axle DL: 530lbs
Found a strongman competition a couple days ago for next Saturday, so I am doing my best to expose myself to the events in the couple weeks I’ve given myself to train.
Also, I didn’t take into consideration how much harder it would be to clean the axle with a soaking wet dri-fit shirt... rookie mistake. Both axle events are a few pounds above comp weight for max reps.


One Arm Snatch: 75kg/165lbs, which I have done in forever to get moving for Log. Spent a ton of time working with the Log today with an easy top single with a split, then back downs with push press, and finished working back up to a strict press with 230lbs. After I did some sandbag loads and axle pulling.


Had a late training session last night, working on heavy goodmornings, pause squats, and conventional deadlifts.
Goodmornings: a few doubles at 166kg/365lbs and a double, triple, and two singles at 184kg/405lbs
Pause Squat: a few triples at 207kg/455lbs
Deadlifts: top single 280kg/615lbs and some back off sets of 5 at 225kg. Happy to be able to pull this single on this day because I was underslept (again) and on my feet all day long sweating my ass off. My quads were cramping all throughout my goodmornings.
SSB Squat (Thursday): I never posted this because I didn’t like the way it looked, although it is technically a PR on the SSB at 234kg/515lbs
I can’t wait to break the 700s in a couple weeks sumo.
Finished off with leg curls, back extensions, and isometric ab work.


I felt pretty good today, everything was moving pretty well. I didn’t get near enough sleep last night and my knee was a sore from training yesterday, but I applied @jordan_barbellmedicine principles and ignored it knowing it’s nothing serious. Began my warmup, and the “knee pain” was gone right away. Ended up hitting 234kg/516lbs front squat feeling like I had 2-3 more reps in the tank and went on to hit a PR deadlift 311kg/686lbs. These plates are way too fat, so I used extra straps to tie plates on the bar for my last two singles.