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This is my friend, the poet Mark Gibbons. I took his portrait as a potential accompaniment to an interview I published this week in the @mslaindy about his editing of a new book about to be released of unpublished poems by the late, great Butte poet, Ed Lahey. Link to that piece in my bio, and it’s a good read. The Indy opted, smartly, to run a picture of the book cover as well as an old photo of Ed. I’m sharing my photo here because, frankly, Gibbo may never look this good again.


The thrill of success.


Eight seconds of glory.


This one turned 1yo yesterday. Still no signs of any kind of mature behavior.


You can now pre-order my first book, One-Sentence Journal: Short Poems and Essays from the World at Large, directly from the publisher, Riverfeet Press, for $12.50 + shipping. That's a discount of 17%! They'll ship when the thing is officially released, which is going to be mid-August or so. More details at link in profile. Meanwhile, check out the righteous cover my good friend @draplin designed for me. THUNDERCLAP!


Good morning with Lewis’s Woodpecker.


The new Drake is out and I’m stoked to have photos accompanying two included features. The first is a profile of one of my favorite writers, David James Duncan. I landed the gig because the author of the piece, the poet/angler Chris Dombrowski, recommended me. That led directly to shooting another guy and his work, Joe Goertzen. Not only does Joe make great fishing gear, but also leather bags that everyone — particularly the ladies — swoon over. I use one as my camera bag, in fact. Now I’m on the hook to write (and photograph) my own story for Tom Bie, owner/editor of The Drake, for a future issue. I’m stoked, because I’ve wanted a byline there since my passions for writing and being hip deep in a river first overlapped, and now it’s happening. Point of this story? Don’t be a dick to people you meet and maybe you’ll find yourself with new friends ... and friends look out for each other. Secondly, if an editor emails you in the middle of the night, take the gig if you can, and do your damnedest to nail it. The leading pic in the Duncan feature was a total goof, and it’s one of my favorite pics I’ve ever taken. Finally, I never forget that @tammymercurephoto, whom I’ve never met in person, was the first person to give me photo advice and encouragement that draws a direct line through every bit of photo and magazine work I’ve published since. And likely saved me a couple thousand bucks along the way. So, so much gratitude.


Something handbound and beautiful for #fridayreads.


The new record from @jeffreyfoucault came in the mail, and the accompanying download card is being repurposed as a bookmark to track my progress in a book I’m sure Jeffrey would appreciate. I’m pretty sure ‘ole Chuck Bowden and Uncle Ed would have tipped their caps to Jeffrey’s work as well.


It was good to get a lens on this beefcake again.


On a logging road saunter amidst damp, lush forest enjoying a rainy early summer, Bucky gulped down several mouthfuls of bright green road apples before I could pull her away; then, a mile or two later, she hurled them back up as a thick, gooey puddle and continued on, hardly breaking stride, as if neither act were not exceedingly gross.