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@captain_andrew_rigby is no stranger to this place.


There's something very special about this place.


Eye spy with my little eye.


@cohenscorner in the zone.


Yeah it's quick but if you time it just right your going to smiling. @patagoniaaus @surfmud @kja_designs @pngsurfaris


Da guy. @betetmerta


Here's to the ocean and everything she gives us, not only as surfers but as people. It's time to start treating our oceans with the respect they deserve. Remember every little thing counts and big things start from small things. So next time you go to the beach take 3 for the sea and hopefully sometime soon we can start to co exist with our planet and not destroy it. @take3forthesea


Bindi walking into the sun. @belindabaggs @patagoniaaus


How much do you love surfing? Around this time last year I did some time in Canada hanging out with @sepp_bruhwiler and got a little look into what surfing means for crew up here. My best summary was that these guys really love to surf. Cold water surfing is a whole different game to my usual. All we ever really need is a board, wax and it's game on. But for these guys something as small as forgetting to dry your suit could mean your sitting out the next session. It gave me a great feeling like the surfing was maybe 50% of the fun and the journey was the other 50%. And now I'm back and can hardly wait to do it all again. Bring on the swell. 🇨🇦🙏🌊


How did your week blow out? @bourkejesse


Beau Young, well his feet mainly 🤣and I connecting for a different look at nose riding. There are a lot of people out there that ride longboards in many different ways and styles and I respect them all but when it comes to nose riding and i mean proper nose riding where the surfer isn't pushing water or out on the flats Beau is right up there with some of the best in my opinion. If you don't know what I mean hop on a old mall and you will quickly get what I'm talking about. @lotus_and_the_sea @beauyoungsurfboards


What a way to go out. I know I'm leaving today on the best day of the swell but it was pretty rad to at least get a couple days with the boys and score fun waves. Here is a unknown (please tag if you know him) getting a super nice clean one from two days ago. Next stop Canada 🇨🇦 . ✈️


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