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Sullivan's Island, SC

Happy 1st Birthday Arch! Just think..... if I hadn’t:

1. Been denied by a puppy adoption agency in 2014 because I didn’t know you were supposed to lie and say you never left home for work ever;
2. Had a breeder return my deposit due to the breeding not working in 2015;
3. Has a breeder decide to keep the one pup I had a deposit on in 2016;
.....I would never have met you!

Haha - I am very thankful for all of those false starts as you are a great dog and a loving companion. And I’m thankful for the village of friends around me that have helped me raise you.



After almost a year with Archie, I can finally fully appreciate the saying ‘dogs are man’s best friend.’ Boomer the #pubdog is without a doubt my good buddy Brian’s best and most loyal friend. Amazingly, a two month plan between @chameleon989 and me to surprise @bpc43 for his birthday with killer Boomer photos by @vincentjmusi came off without a hitch and he was genuinely surprised. Happy (a few days early) Birthday Brian!


this week, the Columbia paper highlighted the story of Chamberlain Branch’s tragic passing 5 and a half years ago. He will always be one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I will have ever met. I miss him.


Can’t catch the gulls, switching to sand. Yum.


Talk about expressions! Halfway through a tour of MSA today I noticed these photos from the school’s Love Everybody Watoto Performance (a school run performing arts program) earlier this year. Love seeing the kids put all they have into every aspect of school.


Visitors who become friends over the years • one of the countless things I appreciate about Sullivan’s Island. I’ve been accused of using High Thyme (which if you don’t know is our neighborhood ‘Cheers-meets-awesome-food-and-equally-awesome-staff’) as a second kitchen - not a false accusation....and it was there that I met Miriam and Cyrus several years ago sitting at the bar. From the upper reaches of Vermont and in their early 80s (though you’d never know it), they have vacationed in the same rental house, during the same month (April) for 22 years. I always look forward to their visits as they bring hilarious stories, lively discussion about education (both are retired public school principals who love hearing all about the Meeting Street kids), and a glimpse into an amazing relationship where it often seems as if they’ve just recently met and fallen in love. Glad I was able to join them last night for a farewell for now drink, and while I am not generally a fan of restaurant small talk, sometimes it pays off to lean over and meet the folks next to you. #goodpeople


beach morning.


RIP - What a meaningful and full life! Joining in on the thoughts others are sharing, I will never forget the night a 19 year old Chris was able to spend time with Mrs. Bush at #clemson before her Brooks Center speech. My great friends Edward, Cal, Ryan, Adam, Mark, and John were there also, and I have to say that at that moment I felt like there would be no greater experience - and there have been few in the 18+ years since. What a humbly powerful woman she was.


Great night with honorary brothers celebrating the marriage of @jennyssanford and @sandrewmckay


This 1950s #seeburg 100G jukebox has been in our family for almost 50 years. And for the last 20 years it has been in various states of “storage” .... including the last 3 1/2 years under my house wrapped in 2 tarps. Handed it off tonight to the folks at Palmetto Jukebox to give it a much needed full refresh - ready to get her all set up for another 50 years of enjoyment.


Someone’s making $ off of “national puppy day” and it ain’t us but here’s a pic anyway.


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