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Chris Norton

Happy Birthday to my dad, Terry! I am so thankful to have such a strong, positive, hard working, loving and a man of God as a role model. You have always been there for me my entire life especially during my most difficult times. Right after my spinal cord injury it was your example of courage and hope that gave me the lift I needed to not give up on myself. Thank you for your example and setting an extremely high bar for what it means to be a father. Love you ❤️🤟🏼
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Chris Norton

Watch us surprise Whittley that we are adopting her!! Is this not the best Christmas surprise ever?
Although @whittleymarquez is 19 and 6 & 7 years younger than @emilysummersnorton and I, we are adopting her & she will be LEGALLY our daughter!
To us Whit has always belonged and we love her so much but now there will be no doubts in her mind that she belongs and she is ours.


Chris Norton

Happy birthday to my beautiful wife @emilysummersnorton. You are Wonder Woman without the cape. Our family is extremely grateful for your strength, patience, love, and faith. I’m in awe everyday the way you are able to get through to our children and help them heal. We appreciate all of the special moments you create whether it's a paint fight, decorating a cookie, a tree, a room, the house, pumpkin carving, creating a birthday video & the list goes on. I know our girls will all be incredible women someday because of your example. I love you so much and can't imagine life without you :)


Chris Norton

It’s pretty crazy that @willsmith used mine and @emilysummersnorton wedding walk clip in his post about love!
He asks how do you define love?
I think true love is revealed when you can love someone during their lowest moments. It’s easy to love someone when they are at their best or when it’s convenient. But love shows up when you are there for the hard times.
Grateful that 🎥 @fotolanthropy captured our walk for our doc 🎞 @7yardsfilm
Plus have the opportunity to share our love story in our upcoming 📖 “The Seven Longest Yards”


Chris Norton

“We will always do more for others than what we will do for ourselves” - Me 🤗
I’m Grateful to be able to share my message and to use my journey to inspire others. It keeps me motivated! Thanks @sbjsbd for having me!
Special shoutout to @grodesigns for making sure I had a nice ramp to the stage and once again saving the day. Be sure to checkout @brks_sings money shot on the last photo.


Chris Norton

It was a honor to share the stage with @amyjroloff someone who has such a strong will and faith. The star of @tlc “Little People Big World” has overcome so much self doubt and bullying growing up. To be where she is today and to be on their 14th season is a testament of her will and faith. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully cross paths again!


Chris Norton

Holiday Giveaway 🎄🚨
THE FIRST 150 PEOPLE who send me the screen grab or email of their preorder confirmation of “The Seven Longest Yards” from Amazon I will SEND you ONE SIGNED COPY OF MY FIRST BOOK “The Power of Faith When Tragedy Strikes” for FREE.

You can give it as a gift even if you already have my first book!! ‘‘Tis the season of giving!!!” Link in bio


Chris Norton

What a dream come true for @emilysummersnorton & I! We are coauthoring a book together titled “The Seven Longest Yards” to be published by @zondervan in July 2019.
The reason we are so excited about sharing this book is that for the first time we talk about the most crucial moments of our lives, which wasn’t falling in love, walking, getting married, or fostering children. That’s been the easy part... What is hard and what’s pivotal for anyone is to keep pushing forward when you feel like stopping. There has been plenty of times when we felt like quitting. When we questioned what we were doing and if we should keep going. It was persevering through these low moments that led to our best moments. All along we’ve seen and experienced God’s hand on our lives – directing us on the right roads to take on our journey. We hope you join us and experience the same.
GIVEAWAY ALERT 🚨 THE FIRST 150 PEOPLE who send me the screen grab of their preorder confirmation of The Seven Longest Yards from Amazon I WILL SEND YOU ONE SIGNED COPY OF MY FIRST BOOK “The Power of Faith When Tragedy Strikes” FOR FREE. ‘‘Tis the season of giving!!! Preorder right now on Amazon. Link in bio.


Chris Norton

Our Christmas Tree 🎄 shopping selfie 🤳 (Our tree is on top of our car) When I was a kid and even as an adult there is something special about having a family tradition. Since the kids don’t have any started yet we decided come up with our own and piggyback from @emilysummersnorton childhood. Christmas Tree shopping 🛍 + hot cocoa ☕️ + our favorite appetizers + decorating with Christmas music 🎶 = A Norton Family Tradition
Anyone else have a memorable family tradition?
#familytraditions #newtradition #christmastreeshopping #christmas2018


Chris Norton

Thankful to have a date night after a hectic month with @emilysummersnorton We are going to a Elton John concert who is my absolute favorite!! We appreciate @vicktoriousp.i.c @keni_eberenna for getting us the tickets 🎫 as our wedding present!!!


Chris Norton

8 years ago I prayed and prayed to move something, anything in my legs. I received a miracle on Thanksgiving morning when I wiggled my left big toe for the first time since my spinal cord injury. Ever since Thanksgiving has been an even more significant day for me. Thankful for the movement I do have, the people in my life, and to not be in a hospital!!! God bless and Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃🍽 #Thanksgiving2018


Chris Norton

5am flights with 1am arrivals, hours of driving, 50+ trips in a year, getting me ready for every presentation, tending to every need, and this guy @brks_sings does it all with a smile. Without him I couldn’t do what I love, professional speaking. I truly appreciate all that you do for me and I don’t take it for granted. 🙏🏻
With Thanksgiving approaching it really makes you take in account all that you have to be thankful for.
Tag someone you are thankful for 🤟🏻