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The truth is there will never be a perfect time to make a hard decision. That’s what makes it hard. We often look at our relationships & careers for that perfect moment... often one of ‘security’ that gives us the illusion that nothing could go wrong. I used to think I had to wait to have the perfect job, a great place to live, solid vehicle & stable income before I got married. But the reality is that I was living in a leaky barn with dollars to my name & a less than fledgling career. I was terrified, scared & full of uncertainty. But in every way possible those struggles are what made my relationship stronger. When you struggle together you see the worst & best in one another. I can’t express how similar this was to quitting college & my job at 19 to pursue photography. Full of the same fear, emotion and uncertainty. Point being ... that if you wait for the perfect moment it probably won’t come.. or even worse, may pass you by altogether. We grow leaps & bounds by struggling with those we love or in a career we are passionate about.


A lesson in simplicity care of NZ.


Living every day in an effort to feel something is easy in Patagonia. Each day brought a bit of uncertainty .. rain would fall all night on the tin roof like a lullaby & by morning you could expect anything from snow & ice to pools of mud and water on the ground. At times so much rain fell that it began to seep into the doorway soaking unsuspecting camera bags laying on the ground. I would say of all the weather conditions .. rain is the most challenging for photographers. Electronics and rain typically don’t mix well and patagonia puts every seal to the test pushing the limit for what you normally feel comfortable putting your gear through. There isn't a single day where the whole body didn't feel damp by evening. Any break in the clouds became a more than welcome sight.. As much as the wind was a nuisance, at times it was also very much welcome because it meant that a clearing was coming. The mixture of being cold and wet, then feeling a strong wind can quickly take you to a place of real suffering. I guess that is why I love certain photos so much.. I can still feel em. .


The fact that an unridden wave can be as easily appreciated as a ridden one is what makes the Ocean my favorite canvas.


TRIP REPORT: This morning I finished up a long time goal of riding San Francisco - San Luis Obispo. A little over 300 Miles (with a few detours) of possibly the best coastal riding anywhere. Yesterday was the biggest leg stretching from Santa Cruz - Ragged Point 145 miles. Here is a mileage breakdown of the experience.
. * 4:00 am wake up & ate soggy leftover sweet Potato fries from the night before w/ extra salt. Already sore from SF-SC 80 mile leg the day prior. * Mile 1-50 fog was so thick it drenched our clothes & felt like salty rain. Smell of eucalyptus filled our lungs as we passed Soquel & made our way through endless strawberry fields & empty roads
* Mile 50-67 ate a donut, açaí, matcha latte in Monterey & killed some time along 17 mile drive while the fog began to clear. Drinking as much water as possible
* Waited in Carmel for a partner & ate a whole bag of salt & pepper chips & salad.. took shoes off fell asleep on a bench. * Woke up thirsty & drank a limonata & bought sour gummies at gas station before realized my back tire was going flat. While fixing I accidentally pulled out the valve stem, reinserted after asking people for tools - filled via C02
* Mike 67-80 rode to Big Sur river and climbed one of the biggest longest hills of my life. Legs were starting to feel it. Moving slow while some people yelled & honked at us while we moved along the gravelly dirt non-existent shoulder. Soaked body & mind in the river for 30 minutes & let the cold water do its thing to the muscles. Washed away the anxiety from the road. Sun was baking. Tourists were in full affect but luckily no cell service so most people focused on the road.
. * Mile 100 I knew it was time to celebrate because a bumble bee flew in my mouth, luckily gag reflex kicked in & bee flew out. Ate pastries & rice Krispy treat & moved on. Someone yelled ‘I follow you on instagram’ from their car.. made my day.
* Mile 120 Less & less cars on the road & finally some downhill stretches. Clocked our fastest time at 42 mph. I could feel wind starting to pick me up. 🙁 climbed to Lucia for a final H20 stop, they had its-it ice cream sandwich which increased the stoke big time -


When I look out at the rock formations of Capital Reef I swear I see the shapes of Dinosaurs.


If there was a recipe that included all the ingredients I look for in perfect landscape this is what it may look like. Low clouds, steep mountains, a distant seascape, first rays of sun, snow, warm tones, cool tones...Add a breaking wave far in the distance & it may even become daydream material.


Have you ever seen the Bore Tide converge upon a shallow sandbar? All my life I’ve been fascinated by the movement of ocean swell & this was pure beauty.


We Never Sleep.


Exploration is a funny word in our modern day vocabulary. I’ve felt for awhile like most of the great exploration has been done. Oceans explored, Mountains climbed and great waves surfed. There are certainly still discoveries out there to be found, but ive realized, at least for myself, that the spirit of exploration is mostly an internal journey these days. To realize what you care about most in life, what you are willing to suffer for... and ultimately what gets you out of bed in the morning. For me the deepest journeys we ever take are the internal ones. .

Portrait by @_ryanhill_
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The shadows tell a much better story about Alaska than I ever could. In photography & life, it’s often best to look for simplicity amongst an otherwise busy landscape. Sometimes it requires honing in on a small aspect of a much larger scene. At first it may seem like some insignificant detail, but when we look back, it’s usually the small details that were most important.


This is what it looks like right before a rainbow forms. Shafts is light are going in every direction illuminated by particles in the air, rain gives way to sunlight & a thin kaleidoscope of color begins to form.