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I❤️Woodward. Can’t wait to go back, either east or west I am down. Which week should I go? Who is going? Honestly trying to decide so comment and let me know when you’ll be there. #woodwardwest @woodwardcamp


“It must be nice” now live on the Berrics @berrics Watch it- and then go shred. Let me know what your favorite trick is in this and maybe I’ll do a trick tip on it 🎥- @chaseingabor


Build the basics in order to have all the parts you may need later on. Here is the latest @stompsessions #quicktip frontside Ollie . A good reference of these would be @downsouthinhell and #alanpeterson


@xgames #realstreet Fan Vote 🥇 really couldn’t have done it without you all. Thank you for voting, watching, and taking time out of your days to watch my skating and support me. I’ve said it before but it’s true- the people that follow me, or are fans in any way are most likely people I’d hang out with anyway. Keep being rad to each other. This photo was taken by @chrisrayfilms right after we filmed the last trick in my realstreet part.


I finally made it on @thenineclubshow after you’ve asked for so long. It was fun as hell hanging with my new best friends @chrisroberts @kellyhart @the_breadcrumb_trail 🤣 link in bio


Quick tip on back smiths go get some! Long version on the @stompsessions app


This is a good one @berrics #battleroyale


This algorithm is crazy so I figure some of you may not know about this, or that you can click the link in my bio to vote. Let’s throw this over the top, I mean, the eagles won the Super Bowl. Let’s keep this party going! #realstreet @xgames @chrisrayfilms @jackhydeanimations


If you can’t do this yet, I’d love to help. Back tails are the coolest. From Adrian Lopez to Marc Johnson, I’ve had incredible influences to keep me hooked on this trick. #quicktip here and Full trick tip on the @stompsessions app @chrisrayfilms camera work


Hey- got another clip from the part to post. Here it is. Don’t forget you can vote once a day for my @xgames #realstreet part. I appreciate any and all support for you. Vote- then go skate 😉 @jackhydeanimations @chrisrayfilms @atibaphoto


Here you go everyone! Happy to show you all my @xgames #realstreet part. I try to not ask for much but please go vote for me if you can. Link in bio - This part made possible by the incredible @chrisrayfilms @theswordofficial and @jackhydeanimations


Go watch yer dude grind long on some awkward move. Never did this type of thing on that type of thing. Haha. Link in bio @berrics


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