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3 clips from the other day with @drpurpleteeth @gopro #goprofusion


Well- this was in my story a couple weeks back but I figured why not post it up.


Get down with one of the best tricks ever. @stompsessions quick tip for frontside bluntslides is up. I learned this by a cartoon pic of wrench pilot and thought of how it could be possible to pull it off.


This is future stuff. I set up the @gopro #goprofusion to shred with @seanmalto What’s crazy is I set the camera on the ground and we skated, all the camera turns were done in the Gopro app afterwards using “Recapture”. This changes the game. We did each other’s go to trick down the stairs.👊🏻


The Ides Of March event at ModernTimes was rad. Heavy metal and great beer are kinda my deal.

Modern Times Beer

Today’s shreddy Kruger with @seanmalto @spanishmiketv


@seanmalto delivers a spectacular performance hosting Battle Royale on @berrics you really should check it out. He nailed it featuring @greenwouldge @maurcoy #battleroyale


Thank you everyone for the birthday posts and comments. I heard it was going to rain ☔️ on my birthday so the day before I went and shot this photo by myself as my birthday shred pic.


Another installment of @stompsessions quick tips. This time it’s 180 nosegrinds. Admittedly not one to do these often but it is one of the tricks I did on a three stair handrail the first time I ever skated a handrail. I learned these by watching @ed.templeton


Ollied a rock.


FatherDaughterDance ❣️#internationalwomensday


I was cute. I would’ve loved me haha❤️ do I look like Penelope or Wyatt 🤔?