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Get your copy of From Practically There to THERE... Practically ↘️⤵️⬇️↙️ #leadershipisaverb #liav

I'm allergic to fake deep!! Please be careful who you rock with. Got folks out here "coaching" you to do things they have never done. Align yourself with folks that #walkitliketheytalkit #leadershipisaverb #imjustsaying #motivation #inspiration #inspirational #speaker #collegespeaker #keynote #orientation #studentleadership #motivationalmonday #tgim


This one of the first times I was a speaker for an entire day!! It was for @mspatuga that was an amazing day! Still grateful that folks believed in me enough to invest in me early in the process. Shout out to Mrs. Polk-Johnson!!!


We are all connected. We all support each other in some form or another. Let's commit to being connected to folks that will build us up and support our dreams. Let's commit to working together to meet a need on our campus, make a positive impact on our community and prepare ourselves for the next step in our lives. Let's live #liav #leadershipisaverb #speaker #studentleadership #collegespeaker @theapca @campuspeak


Trading an oppressor that doesn't look like you for one that does, doesn't make you less oppressed!!! Everyone can't be a King or Queen, that's not how it works. If somebody is the boss, someone else has to be a worker!! Even if they are fair and kind, it doesn't change the dynamics and power structure. True revolution is about equality not just transfer of power from one elite group to another elite group.


What's a long shot to a sharpshooter? @phontigallo gives us our #hiphoped moment for the day. Don't worry about how far away the target is... calibrate for wind, adjust your scope, breathe, and shoot your darn shot!! Let's go get it! #leadershipisaverb


@velvettaco I hate you and love you at the same time!!! So glad yall are in Houston!!


Where did I go wrong? #adulting #parentingfail #parenting felt like an episode of #blackish


Boi! This cat here!! Excited for this project. I always get at least 4 or 5 lessons from his albums!! The teen class is ready!! #Repost @bizzle (@get_repost)
👀 Told you a new project was coming quick!!! #GodOverMoney REPOST!


All you need is ONE ☝🏽. One yes. One supporter. One dream. One opportunity to shine. One event. One win. All you need is one shot. Thing is.... sometimes that ☝🏽is YOU. CREATE YOUR SHOT! Plan that event. Join that organization. Run for office. Apply for that position. #leadershipisaverb #humpday #motivation #inspiration #inspirational #motivationalquotes


This is from way back!! Not sure what I was saying but I bet it was deep!! Lol. S/o to @utsaleadershiptakeover for a great day and to @tim_mousseau for the words of encouragement.
This day was a launching point for me. When I was able to share the stage with a @campuspeak speaker and realize my message/content/delivery was just as relevant....boi!!! You couldn't tell me nothing!!! #leadershipisaverb #studentleadership #speaker #collegespeaker #orientation #youthspeaker #keynotespeaker #leadershipconference #youmatter #believeinyourself


For those that may not know, I also slang shirts. Check out @liavclothing or DM me for orders. For every shirt sold, we donate a portion of the proceeds to a scholarship.
#leadershipisaverb #entrepreneur


#tbt to my first post in IG...which happened to be a #tbt the gram has been good to me!! S/O to @narmeraha @jwillcaesar and @_bauski @kgm1906 @mikebtxstate for making this pic possible. Lol. #munu @txstalphas
#greeklife I can talk it cause I lived it


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