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πŸ“Namibia πŸ‡³πŸ‡¦

Getting lost in the desert to find the world's most perfect wave. See if you can spot the surfboards.
Shot on GoPro Karma using @polarpro ND32 filter.


It's been over 5 months since I last uploaded a YouTube video! Here's a little teaser of some of the projects I have been working on which will be coming out real soon πŸ˜‰ #GoPro #SendIt #Travel #voyaged


It's good to be back home, really take for granted how beautiful this place is sometimes! Been laying low lately just editing and surfing, haven't touched a camera in about 3 weeks, which has actually been kinda nice but also made me want to get out and shoot again! Been putting some actual pressure on myself to get all this content from the last few months out there! So if you're part of the YouTube fam, weekly videos are coming back real soon! πŸ˜‰ and yes you can jump from this spot into the ocean, but only once... #CapeTown #SouthAfrica #GoPro #travel #Sunrise #jointhemvmt


Blown away by the response to my presets yesterday! Already seeing some great edits coming through! Keep tagging me if you're using them so I can share them on my story! Here is the pizza boy @massipiffa doing what he does best! Scroll across to see the before image as well as 2 different edits of the same image with my presets plus a bonus shot of @gunner_daft tweaking one out! If you want to buy the presets the link is in my bio! 😊 #GoPro #wakeboarding #summer #sunrise #Florida


Stoked to finally release my own presets (yes I sold out too πŸ˜‰) I've been working on these for a really long time! They're made specifically for GoPro images and the pack includes a total of 30 unique presets! Available on mobile and desktop versions of Lightroom! Hit the link in my bio to check them out and read more about them. You can also swipe across on these photos to see a bunch of before and afters! I'm excited to see what everyone can do to their GoPro images with these! #GoPro #travel #bali #sunrise #wakeboarding


After an epic trip with @jeep to the WSL Founders Cup, I just had to make my next trip a surf trip! So that's what I've done and now I'm up the coast back home scoring some epic waves, so stoked to be back in the water! It's not quite @kellyslater's wave pool but it will do the job! πŸ˜‚πŸ„ #JeepWSL #ad
#GoPro #Surfing #SouthAfrica


Epic sunrise shoot on Lake Butler with a stacked crew! Here's @tonyiacconi slashing one into the sunrise! This is actually a screen grab from KARMA shooting 4k @ 60fps! Stoked on all the shots we got from this morning! #GoPro #wakeboarding #sunrise #travel #bestvacations


Send It Sundays with my boy @coryteunissen πŸ’¦ check out Cory's profile to see some of the other shots we got from this trip! Shot with HERO6 burst mode 30/2. #GoPro #wakeboarding #Florida #voyaged #bestvacations


Such an unreal experience at Ginnie Springs with @shawnmwatson. And I literally mean unreal! Usually I would make a joke about photoshopping a whale into a picture like this to keep up with the trends on Instagram but we decided to go with a Manatee instead! πŸ˜‚ turns out this can actually happen in this area and there are quite a few springs in Florida which are home to many Manatees! Just felt it was still important to disclose what we did to this image though! But watch it still get reposted on feature accounts πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ I love the internetπŸ˜… Will find a real manatee next time hopefully! Shot using @gdomeglobal πŸ‘ˆ #GoPro #gdomeglobal #Florida #doyoutravel #voyaged


Sunrise session with @tonyiacconi πŸŒ…πŸŒ… these clouds were actually preventing good golden hour light for shooting video but then ended up working in our favour for some photos! #GoPro #Wakeboarding #Florida #sunrise


Mr @shawnmwatson getting steezy during a sunrise shoot on Lake Butler! So stoked to finally get out there to film! πŸ’¦ #GoPro #wakeboarding #Florida


Still blown away by the clear water and colours of these springs in Florida πŸ’¦ shot with HERO6 and @gdomeglobal #GoPro #Florida #HERO6 #gdomeglobal .