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Love this! 🙏 #mexiCAN
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@google festeja el centenario del nacimiento de la estrella mexicana #PedroInfante con este Doodle


Una persona humanitaria. Un excelente compositor, cantante y en general gran artista 🎶✔️💯 ¡FELICIDADES @alejandrosanz por recibir el premio de Persona del Año 2017 de La Academia Latina de la Grabación! Muy buen merecido 🙏 @latingrammys

Cortesía de La Academia Latina de la Grabación®️


@jbalvin round 2 after the @latingrammys ceremony? Can definitely feed off of all that positive #energía ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #aellalegusta #amimegusta

The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

& suddenly, you know... It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings... 🙏✨

MGM Grand Garden Arena

@grupobronco y @haashoficial se unirán en el escenario mañana para la entrega #18 de los @latingrammys 😱! Que nos tendrán de sorpresa 🤔???? Cortesía de La Academia Latina de la Grabación®️

MGM Grand Las Vegas

Con 5 nominaciónes para esta entrega de los @latingrammys, @monlaferte es entre una de las más nominadas 🎶🌹 No se pueden perder de su presentación que por lo visto ahorita, será espectacular 😏👌 Cortesía de La Academia Latina de la Grabación®️

MGM Grand Las Vegas

For years I have always loved attending different kinds of panels & listening to professionals talk about their journey to success. & i always told myself, "I want to be there one day." I can't explain the emotions & feelings that were running inside of me as I realized that I would be joining professionals from companies like @nasa, @google & @youtube for a career panel. Not only was I the youngest one, but I definitely don't consider myself to be at "their level" yet. But as I was talking to the audience & started realizing how far I have come & everything I've had to go through to get here, I had to hold myself back from getting emotional & just paused for a moment to thank God.
If you believe in yourself, almost anything is possible &, this is just the beginning. 🙏

Pierce College

I feel blessed to say that I will be speaking tomorrow at @pierce_college's LA HI-Tech Career & Internship Symposium Panel!
I highly encourage you to go & spread the word! It is a FREE event & a perfect opportunity to network with professionals 😉👍

Pierce College

Every night, her thoughts weighed heavily on her soul, but every morning she would get up to fight another day.
Every night she survived. - r.h.sin


LOOKING FOR LIVE ARTISTS/ART INSTRUCTORS & ARTWORK for an art walk!!!!! graffiti, acrylic, oil on canvas,... you name it!
EMAIL ME ASAP - - so I can provide you with further details


Today is #LatinaEqualPay Day, marking the 10 extra months Latinas must work to make the same amount white men earned last year. The gender pay gap is greatest for Latinas, who get only 54 cents for every $1 a white man makes. This is an injustice.
Soy una mujer fenomenal — and I deserve equal pay! We're not 54% phenomenal. We bring 100% every day & it’s time we make 100%. Show your support for hard-working Latinas & seven women's orgs by rocking this Maya Angelou-inspired tee from #FIERCEWomenxEqualPay

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My face when they tell me there's no spicy sauce for my food 😐


"A woman doesn't know how powerful her voice is until she has been silenced." - Ursula ......................
10/31: my chance & excuse to turn myself into a new "thing" every year 😏


Not only are the kids' reactions priceless when they see how I painted their face, but the parents' reactions are hilarious 😂 #IsItWashable #SaysTheMom #eyebrowsonfleek


La nene lista para su presentación de Día de los Muertos con el mariachi 😍😊 Thank you ladies for trusting me for your makeup! 🙏💛


Shout out to my sister for helping me with this when I didn't know what to do 🙏 My baby's ashes have been delivered in a cute little home 💛
To many, this may seem "ridiculous," & I wouldn't be surprised if I receive negative comments. All I can say to those is "thank you" if you decide to keep your comments to yourself. Those who are pet owners & consider their pets part of the family probably understand where I came from & why doing this with Bombon gave me comfort, as opposed to just tossing him. #rainbowtoheaven


Little girls with big dreams become women with vision 💭


Last night I couldn't stop thinking about all the horrific things going on in the world. I have not felt at peace, & I feared I would have nightmares throughout the night because of everything going on.
On the contrary, I woke up more relaxed than I have felt in a while because my "baby" Bombón (who recently passed) took over my dream & was extremely excited to see me 😭💛 Yes, I am crying just thinking about how happy we were in the dream & how much I wish that dream could be reality, but to me, it was his & God's way of telling me that there's no need for me to be sad because not only is He ok, but eventually everyone will be ok too. #EverythingWillBeOk #InGodsHands


At loss for words 😞💔 En serio no entiendo que corre por la mente de la gente!!! Uno se siente desesperado por no poder haber estado ahí para parar al monstruo que se apoderó de la persona que hizo esto 😭 Dios mio, ayudanos 😞💔.... Repost @wearemitu

How to help and find loved ones. Please share this.


Take a shower & wash off the day.
Drink a glass of water.
Make the room dark.
Lie down & close your eyes.
Notice the silence. Notice your heart.
Still beating. Stil fighting.
You made it, after all.
You made it, another day. & you can make it one more.
You're doing just fine. - Charlotte Eriksson


"If you want to be creative, stay in part a child, with the creativity and invention that characterizes children before they are deformed by adult society.”
―Jean Piaget

To some, it's"just face painting." To me, it's taking advantage of the moment to give a child the time they deserve to try to figure out what the child is imaginating & wanting to make into reality, & fulfilling that "small wish" right before their eyes 🎨✨ These, by far, have been the MOST difficult requests kids have made to me 🙆🙈 But to see their reactions at the end & hear them "wow" is priceless 🙏💛


“So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.” —Baha'u'llah. 🙏💛 #Repost @empirestatebldg

Our lights will rotate in the colors of the flags of Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominica and the US Virgin Islands tonight to raise awareness for the victims of the earthquake in Mexico and Hurricane Maria. Throughout the display, our halo will rotate in red and white in appreciation of emergency workers’ and first-responders. #PrayForEveryone #prayfortheworld


I always wondered how I would react when "the time would come" for my little fluffy baby, Bombón. Never did I imagine that I would feel so much pain for his loss 😞💔 I mean, 16 years with a pet who's shown you unconditional love EVERY DAY? Damn. I remember perfectly when I was an excited 9 year old girl, entering the pet store with my family to choose a puppy, as my dad had promised he would buy us a puppy if my sisters & I earned good grades. We were looking for a Cocker Spaniel and couldn't find one, but then he popped up 😭😍 As soon as we saw him, we fell in love with him 💛 He was just a couple of months old, so he looked like a little white ball, a marshmallow 😘 He... tore up his cute cheetah bed 😑 He would jump on the tables, make a mess, and eat our food 🙆 He was very picky about how he wanted to be showered & groomed 💇 He would go psycho if you tried to get near his food 😳 & overall, he made these past 16 years of my life a headache sometimes, but at the end of the day, when he would come up to me wagging his tail & would rub his head against my leg, he made me "aw" & smile. When I fell asleep crying, he layed next to me & would cheer up my morning since he'd be the first thing I'd see. He was not just a pet. He was part of the family. My little best friend, my roommate, my "novio chaparro y peludo" when the doñas would ask, "y el novio?" My little therapist, my homie. & he showed me "too much" love that I felt I could never repay him... An article read, "God couldn't be physically with us, so he gave us Dogs... & notice that Dog spelled backwards is God & they both show unconditional love." Last week on Wednesday, God decided it was time for Bombón to return back to Him & turn him into an angel to watch me from above 💛 It hurts so much to arrive home & look down & not see a little ball of hair coming to the door, but I know that there'll be a moment when I will reunite with my niño loco again 🙏😞💛😘 Thank you, Bombón, for not only bringing me joy, but for making so many children & people all around you smile 💛 I love you, Mi Mosho. "You'll be in my Heart" performed by Phil Collins & Glenn Close


On this day, let us take a moment to remember & honor all of those who tragically lost their life, 16 years ago, in New York. Also, let us remember & honor the many people who helped contribute in lending a helping hand during this nightmare, whether it was a fireman, police officer, doctor, volunteer, etc.
The energy that surrounds this site gave me an unexplainable feeling that although very sad, I truly recommend everyone visit, if given the opportunity 🙏 #911memorial #NeverForget #Honor911

9/11 Memorial

Que tristeza todas las catástrofes que estan sucediendo en el mundo 😞💔 Huracanes llegando a diferentes locaciones, y ahora este sismo de magnitud 8+ ocurre en la costa del sur de MX 😭 ¡Ni ganas dan de ver las noticias porque parece que las cosas nomas se van de mal a peor! Dios este con nosotros y les de refugio a las victimas 🙏


I am as strong as a tree, standing tall & grounded. The roots of my past are planted firmly within the earth.

The leaves of my present are ever changing, & I learn so much with each colour they turn,
the fazes of life are infinite.

The branches of my future are extending upwards & outwards in all directions, & as I grow, I become expanded in knowledge.

The beauty of a tree & the gentle sway it makes create the seeds for tomorrow all the while, reflecting to us how to live each day, with simplicity & grace. - J.D.S.


Embarrassed to say that who we have for President seems like a nightmare and horrible joke 😞 All I ever hear on the news about him is all negative & ridiculously absurd. ¡Es un ASCO!
Karma will take care of him sooner or later. #AtLossForWords #IStandWithDACA

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It is no secret that I disagree with Donald Trump on just about everything, but I have to say his decision regarding DACA is the ugliest and most cruel decision ever made by a president of the United States in the modern history of this country.