I'm a daughter/aunt/sis/bff to one.Fighting CRPS 🎗️#painallday. Runs w/scissors, alpha,tall,strong AF and fights with fire. Will steal your soul.

The block didn't work....(if you don't want to see my leg don't swipe) This is what it looks like when you want to scream because it hurts tooo much to handle. I just wasted $1k for nothing 😢😢 #CRPS


This is me....
You would never know just by looking at me that my pain level is off the charts today 😢 #crps The block did nothing....


This should be been posted a while ago...just getting to it now...this month makes 2 years since the break. The thin bone still has a whole through it, so not healed yet. The blue on some of the pictures is the rod. The last picture is what it looks like if you cut my leg off right below the knee, you can see the round going through the bone. The CT scans are clear. BTW, the bone sticking out is just going to say that way. #CRPS


This is #CRPS .....nice pictures of resent flairs. Since I get them so frequently it's pointless to document each one. At least twice a day I get this....and I'm the shower. Look painful? Yep, it is!


TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! Called twice and they never called back! $90 thrown away for something that tastes AWFUL!!! No response from them. Buyer beware!! @cloudn9neco So disappointed they are taking advantage of people looking for pain relief.....heartless..


Tiny baby snail....


Little cheesecake....yummy!


Today I did a lot of moving around....and only got 1/3 of things done I meant to do...but my leg goes into a flare an I have to stop. Now I can't sleep 😢😢


So....Minnie Driver called Matt Damon out because he said that a pat in the ass is not as serious as rape or molestation. He indicated that a pat in the ass was a lesser offense. Minnie sees something different and things they are the same and affect people the same. Having myself gone through a lot of shit in my past, Minnie you are wrong. None of it is okay, but there is a Spectrum....if I wasn't raped and all it was is a pat on the ass...then I would have had two surgeries to correct it. There is a spectrum and it's ridiculous to not think this so. Minnie, how about complaining about the statue of limitations ad how they shouldn't exist in any state.

1're soooo cute 💙 Let's just be friends.


So I'm reposting this again....this account is a fake & so is the guy running it!! He's asking to have iTunes gift cards sent to him. He says he's in the US Services. He says his email address is All of this is a SCAM!!! BEWARE!! Please report this account to @instagram so they can remove it!! #robertlynn026 #fake #scam #scammer #notreal #itunesgiftcard


This account is impersonating a US servicemen. @pachecocharles27