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To change the quality of our lives we must first change the quality of our choices

To change the quality of our choices we must first change the quality of our emotions and the meaning we take from life.

To change this, we must change our inner consciousness.

Our inner consciousness is our key to deep, lasting, fulfilling change xxx


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No holding back.
No maybe
Decide that now is the time to go out and do that thing you know you are meant for.

Shine your light!!!💋🌟👠🙌🏼


You probably don’t realise it yet, but the chances are that YOU are the only thing really blocking your success!!
You’re feeling stuck
You're feeling stressed
You feel like you just keep on going around and around in circles
…..yes you have a few clients, or sign ups
…..yes you’re making some money
But really it’s nowhere near what you want it to be
Nowhere near the monthly income you dreamed of when you started this business.
Some days it all feels great, you feel excited and optimistic about bringing in new clients and making a difference with what you do. .
But too many days it feels like a struggle, you feel that self doubt within you and you wonder if you can ever make this work. .
Perhaps you spend hours trying to figure out a new strategy, a new way to bring in more clients or customers, perhaps you’ve invested in course after course, just to feel even more overwhelmed then ever before. .
What you’re experiencing is a block within your mindset……a combination of limiting beliefs, sabotaging self talk and lack of clarity. You’ve got yourself stuck in a cycle of over thinking, working really hard but not getting the results you want. .
What all of this is really doing is holding you back from taking consistent action when it comes to being visible, growing your audience, sharing your message and showing ideal clients the real value that you have to offer. .
The great news is that it doesn’t need to be like this, you can change your mindset, change how you feel, end this cycle and start getting those clients you constantly worry about finding. .
The bad news is that most new entrepreneurs don’t get the help they need and don’t break this internal cycle, because they don’t see what their mindset is truly costing them, because they don’t see their own blind spots so can’t change this themselves. .
So how do you change this, what start can you make??
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This is me. Claire.
What can I do for you?
As a Master Practitioner in NLP, Life & Business Coach and Hypnotherapist - I will support you in gaining the clarity you need, beliefs that will empower you and strategies that will put you on the road to success!
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Simplicity is key when it comes to implementation.


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Are you struggling with that 'elastic band' effect??
You know the one.... Your moving forward so well, everything is falling into place, you think woohoo this time it's really happening!!! And then

Out if the blue

Everything seems to stop you in your tracks... It can show up in so many different ways, but ultimately your subconscious is putting on the breaks- saying that's enough thanks, you get pulled back to your comfort zone and start to believe it's just not possible for you.

But what if you had a support team, that could help you snap that elastic band so you can keep on soaring towards your success - that's what a great coach does....and before you know it, you've powered through goals, up-levelled in every respect of your life - you're living that life you once only dreamt of!!! Love you
Love life

Claire xx

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Repost from the inspiring @kimraluna
Sometimes the only thing standing in the way of what you want, is you. 
So tell me, are you in your own way when it comes to making your business dreams come true?

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Becoming Fully Booked & Beyond In YOUR Business…
You started this business because you wanted to do something you loved,
You wanted to make a difference,
You craved more freedom & flexibility,
And you wanted to make great money doing it! .
But so often we have these dreams, we take a leap of faith, and then we can suddenly find that we fall into self doubt and overwhelm……..because we’re not getting the clients we imagined and suddenly it feels like we need to learn so much more!! .
(Trust me I know, I was totally in this space myself a few years ago, but this is what I learned and what transformed my business!) .
The truth is, to build a successful business it takes just a few key ingredients;
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