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Where do you stand on guns and regulation? @lisalingstagram goes on patrol with heavily armed militia to understand their views on #ThisIsLife Sunday.


Have you heard of the International Wrestling Cartel? @anthonybourdain meets Pittsburgh’s toughest champions on Sunday’s #PartsUnknown at 9p.


These discoveries are amazing, but could they hint at a dark future for Egypt? Dive into #TheWonderList with @BillWeirCNN Saturday at 9p.


Been to any of these? The Pittsburgh food scene is booming and @anthonybourdain meets the rising chefs of these 4 restaurants on #PartsUnknown Sunday.


Do you think arming yourself is the best way to protect your rights? This Arizona militia thinks so. Go inside on #ThisIsLife with @lisalingstagram Sunday.


A lot has changed in Egypt. Explore a growing worry that could greatly affect the country in the long term on #TheWonderList with @BillWeirCNN Saturday at 9p.


You'll want to put your sound on for this. @anthonybourdain's mind is blown by 70’s Nigerian psych rock on #PartsUnknown tonight at 9p


When does teenage sexuality cross the line and become a crime? A conversation all families should have. #ThisIsLife with @lisalingstagram Sunday 10p.


What's @anthonybourdain eating in Lagos? Get a taste of the flavors of Nigeria this Sunday on #PartsUnknown.


What would you do if your teen sent or received sexual photos? @lisalingstagram takes a closer look at the legal consequences on #ThisIsLife Sunday.


80% of Madagascar's wildlife exists nowhere else on the planet, including the indri lemur. Explore on #TheWonderList with @BillWeirCNN Saturday at 9p.