The original American house of leather. Est. 1941. #CoachNY

A staple in the underground Kiki Ball scene, @neicysounbothered is making a name for herself in mainstream ball as the next face diva of the big girl division. “I’m boring as a person, very lowkey. But on the floor, I’m a diva. I have this other persona. I want it. It’s not that I come to win but I come to show everybody what I got.” #NeicyCarter #Pride #LifeCoachNY #CoachNY


From Alvin Alley­­ (where he danced for 10 years) to ballroom, the very stylish Renaldo Tisci (@r_maurice25) is living his best life in the scene. “When I’m on the floor, I like a nice wink,” he says. Ready for the next act, Renaldo is now creating his own House so he can give back to the next generation. “The community is a place where you feel safe and loved—it pushes you to be successful.” #Pride #LifeCoachNY #CoachNY


The belle of the Chicago ball, @tiffanytheartist serves face, runway and vogue. “Ballroom just fit my personality. Everybody used to look sideways when it came to me—'she’s ballet, but the look isn’t ballet, the personality isn’t ballet’— so it was always like something was off. With ballroom, the community was like, ‘we’ll take it all.’” #Pride #LifeCoachNY #CoachNY


“I love the ballroom scene because it allows you to have an alter ego, outside of your 9-to-5 life,” says Legendary Father Jarrell Mizrahi (@j_ondarox). Being groomed to become the Over All Father of the House of Mizrahi, Jarrell says his “sexccessories” are both internal and external. “My inner confidence, my inner self-awareness—these are things I can use from the inside, to transmit on the outside.” #Pride #CoachNY


One of the most dynamic names in ballroom, icon @simply_sinia mesmerizes on the runway. “I feel like I’m a plane coming down the runway. With every step I take, it’s like I’m going into flight.” At once fierce and nurturing, Sinia’s advice for life on—and off—the runway: “Don’t let anyone or anything justify who you are or what you can accomplish because despite whatever you’ve been through, there’s nothing you can’t come through and be amazing.” #Pride #LifeCoachNY #CoachNY


To celebrate #Pride, we’re throwing the spotlight on the runway scene with some of the most acclaimed LGBTQ+ ballroom icons and legends, beginning with Founder Chi Chi Unbothered. “When you’re out there, it’s magical. You capture the moment, you savor it,” says @chisus_.” #LifeCoachNY #CoachNY
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You hold the power. Discover what lies ahead. #LifeCoachNY #CoachNY


Find your force in nature. Walk the path at #LifeCoachNY. #CoachNY


Do you believe in magic? #LifeCoachNY #CoachNY


“I allow the magical and uxexpected to occur. I allow my intuitive wisdom to guide me.” Tonight, we’re quieting our minds with a sound bath led by @thehoodwitch at #LifeCoachNY. The meditation will be followed up with a live DJ set by @venusxgg. Tickets are sold out but for additional Life Coach events, visit link in bio and then stop by the experiential. Walk-ins are welcome. #CoachNY


Look who's popping in at #LifeCoachNY... The @astrotwins will be serving up a 2018 midyear astrology forecast during a sold-out workshop this Saturday. "Our role as astrologers is to help people find their highest, truest potential so they can live their best lives." #CoachNY ⭐️🌙


Signature Remix by @Whisbe, Part II. One of our fave NYC graffiti artists is back for #LifeCoachNY and will be customizing Signature Coach tees live today only (6/15) from 6-8pm at the Coach Soho store at 143 Prince Street. 🐻@fillinglobal #CoachNY


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