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Our featured drink special is a traditional Italian Affogato. A scoop of vanilla ice cream drowned in two shots of espresso. Its warm finally warm, take this one outside!


We’re just warming up!


In celebration of the return of our Seasonal selection Colombia Cocondo, reacquaint yourself with Dr. Luis Emilio Velez Aramburo, who we discovered through Pedro Echavarria of @pergaminocoffee .
He produces this amazing organic coffee with his wife and two children on a plot of land near Titiribí, southwest of Medellín, and has become energy independent, using bio-digested methane from his pigs to power his home and farm. Colombia Cocondo is available in all cafes and online! Whatch the full video at the link in our bio.


Our coffee of the week is
Colombia Cocondo. Near the town of Titiribí southwest of Medellín lies Finca Cocondo, the only certified organic coffee farm in all of Antioquia (one of Colombia's main producing departments). Dr. Luis Emilio Velez Aramburo, a family practice physician, purchased the estate in 1992 and seven years later introduced sustainable farming practices including permaculture and vermiculture. He tends almost 15 hectares of yellow bourbon, colombia, castillo, moka, and tabi trees at 1,450 to 1,600 meters above sea level and takes great pride in acting as a steward of his land. With complex flavors of honey, peach, and dark chocolate with a creamy body and citrusy acidity, Colombia Cocondo reflects the complexity of organic production and the dedicated care it requires. Enjoy! #roastedinriverwest


Its beginning to feel a lot like patio season. Finally!


Join us at Prospect Colectivo this Saturday for a free summer drink tasting! Our lead baristas - aka Lighting Rods - have formed teams to create 5 speciality drinks. Bring your friends and family to vote which drinks we’ll be serving in our cafes this summer! RSVP at the link in our bio


#colectivokegco for your hump day?


Tis the season


Our coffee of the week is Rwanda Natural Macuba. In southwestern Rwanda near the Nyungwe Forest National Park and Lake Kivu, the high altitudes and rich, volcanic soils help create ideal conditions for growing coffee. The Macuba Coffee Washing Station (CWS) collects coffee cherries from small-scale growers in the immediate area and processes them in two ways. While the natural process is not traditional for Rwanda, the Macuba CWS has perfected the technique and is now delivering high-quality micro-lots for export to the specialty market. The result is a fruit-forward cup with a chocolatey, creamy body and sweet herbal flavors. Enjoy! #roastedinriverwest


Glenn Phillips from #toadthewetsprocket playing a sold out show tonite in our @colectivocoffee Back Room


Celebrate #nationalpetweek by giving your loved one a #ccr25 bandana!


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