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I'm great at obsessing over dogs and complaining about being hungry.

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Los Angeles

Some drunk stranger left this bike outside my place a few weeks back and never came back for it so I adopted it. Moral of the story: DO talk to strangers -- sometimes you get free bikes out of it.


Some stupid original caption about getting lei'd.


Mom Mom: Growing up I'd spend my days after school reading I Spy books with you and going on IHOP dates --you referred to me as your boyfriend ever since. You were kind, loving, and made every afternoon an adventure. I miss you incredibly, but am so happy you were such a big part of my life and had an impact in shaping who I am today. Tell Pop Pop I say hello. Love forever and always, Your Boyfriend.


When you hear that milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard but you only have Manischewitz so your yard remains boyless.


Snapple Fact #666: If you put Colin in the sun, talk about the sun, or even sing a song by Sonny and Cher, he will in fact burn.


Happy Easter from Josie, a rabbit with a tracheotomy, and me.


Boy goes to desert to find himself... great photo ops.


This was taken before I tried a face mask for the first time and before my face had an allergic reaction to said face mask for the first time.


Prayin 4 u, gurl.


Dear @abercrombie,
Make me your new model.
Your new model (that's me)


When you think you're an expert at a song only to realize you don't know a single lyric and everyone heard and you wanna crawl into a ditch on another planet away from humanity and life is crumbling around you and nothing in the history of the universe is worse than this single moment. Or something like that.


Friends with good jeans only!!!1!


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