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I'm great at obsessing over dogs and complaining about being hungry.

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Dear @abercrombie,
Make me your new model.
Your new model (that's me)

Santa Monica, California

When you think you're an expert at a song only to realize you don't know a single lyric and everyone heard and you wanna crawl into a ditch on another planet away from humanity and life is crumbling around you and nothing in the history of the universe is worse than this single moment. Or something like that.

Los Angeles, California

Friends with good jeans only!!!1!


Sunglasses: Helping me stare at people's dogs for excessive periods of time without it being noticeable since 1993.

Las Vegas Strip

Dat New Years kiss doe 😎

Orlando, Florida

Looking back on 2017 and all the food I didn't finish because I was too full.. and now wish I had :( Here's to a stronger appetite in 2018 ✌️🍕

Nobu Malibu

Me riding into the New Year looking for free food.

Walt Disney World

When she says she likes bad boys so you pull out some sick bike moves. 😏

Orlando, Florida

They said to follow my dreams but I only dream of abnormally large foods.

Epcot - Walt Disney World

Christmas photo checklist:
1. Demon eyes✔️
2. Look at different cameras✔️
3. Awkwardly hover above Santa's lap cause you're the size of the Jolly Green Giant and too old to still sit on his lap in the first place✔️

Orlando, Florida

Catching up on some suggested reading this break. This one's called "One Million to Impeach Trump." It's inspiring.

Hollywood, California

The closest I'll ever get to growing a beard. *lyke if u crie evrytime*

Los Angeles, California