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Messing about in the good lighting at @nortongymwgc the other day 🤷🏻‍♂️
Realised recently its good to take a break from something you do all the time so you can fall in love with it all over again. I took a few days off my training as I just wasn’t feeling it, now I’m back and loving every session 🙌🏻
I’m curious, how many of you guys has this happened to? Any particular reasons why?


Decent session at @nortongymwgc today with the bro @declanrackham 💪🏻 good to be back training after a few days off ✌🏻
Training away from your home gym is definitely recommended, keeps things fresh and lets you experience new equipment and a new environment 🔥 always good for motivation!🙌🏻


Caption this😩😂 do your worst people 👌🏻
Side note I don’t like this shrug machine as someone pointed out it looks like I’m in a wheelchair 🙃 I’m trying to grow the legs okay bear with me ✌🏻


Best physique of my life so far but I know I can do better. Onwards and upwards 🙌🏻 watch this space in the coming months 😏


Always thinking to the future. I can’t wait to make it big and smash my goals 💪🏻 any hardships that come my way only challenge me to be better and grow -
‘Grow through what you go through’ is definitely my new favourite phrase I’ll be constantly thinking of 🙌🏻


Oldest trick in the book: hold a weight to make your arm look bigger💪🏻
Remember that Instagram isn’t real! Everything is made to look better online so don’t overthink it and don’t compare yourself to it 🙌🏻 The only comparison that’s going to help you is the comparison you make with yourself: what did you look like 4 weeks ago? 12 weeks? 1 year? Your journey is unique, live it and love it🔥


Sometimes I don’t wear gym clothes... I know... shock😂


‘You’ll never be as big as your pump’ - Ghandi 1901
Shameless toilet selfie because I was feeling pumped after a new preworkout, thank you @psychopharma 🙌🏻 -
Smash your weekend workouts people 👊🏼


Me? I like to just hang about outside my bedroom window when I’m not in the gym
*life update* Having just started a new job it’s taking a toll on my energy levels which has affected my training, in desperate need of energy and motivation. Anyone who knows me will know I absolutely love the gym and my training so it’s very frustrating when you can’t keep your eyes open. Next couple of weeks I’ll adapt and get used to the long days and then some absolute 🔥🔥 content will be coming this way so bear with me ✌🏻


I like being different. There’s something very satisfying about being unique ✌🏻
I just want to go out into the world and find more unique individuals that I can vibe with and create fun memories with 🙌🏻


‘You’ll never achieve your goals if you don’t have a vision’
If you have to ask me why I do this day after day then you don’t understand and probably never will. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a mindset it’s my journey.


Me and all my friends who take fitness as seriously as me 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
Enjoy a chilled Sunday people ✌🏻