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The CORE Competition Team is based out of Prince Albert, SK, Canada 🇨🇦 We train out of the 'Clinic' - CORE Physical Therapy

The sheer excitement displayed by @devin_panchuk and @beige.b when asked about their upcoming kettlebell competition, this Saturday, gave me chills! These two are excited AF! Calm down you two!!! Watch out @teamredgoat these two may get a little out of hand! @nationaldc #flatlanders #ndc


Kettlebell Mobility Work, Day 2:

5 sets of: (16 kg Kettlebells)

Double Snatch x 1
OH Squat x 2
Cossack Squat x 5
Alt. 1 Arm Sots Press x 2
Double Sots x 1
OH Squat x 2 *preceded by 30 min Air Assault Bike and 1 hour of yelling at Kettlebell Team.


Some @stevecotterikff inspired mobility work with Kettlebells. The man moves like a jungle cat!
Will this improve my Olympic WL snatch receiving position?! 🤔 🤷🏻‍♂️ Post Oly session KB work:

3 x 1 min Db Jk + OH Pause Sq 16 kg
3 x 1 min Sn + OH Pause Sq 20 kg
3 x 1 min Sn + OH Pause Sq 24 kg


24 kg TALC.

10 x 1 min intervals (1 min rest) (6,6,6,6,6,5,5,5,5,5)
I paced myself 3 s fixation, 3 s rack, 3 s drop rack. I made last training session's 4's into 5's. I also focused more on my fixation, I want that @carterbtraining fixation (I wish! Lol)
My cleans left a lot to be desired today 🤔, guess I can only focus on one thing per session. That includes remembering to put on my belt 🤓(just once)

Next time out, those 5s will be 6s... orrrrr maybe they won't 🤷🏻‍♂️


Last bench press of this training cycle! Well done!!


Last deadlifting session for this training cycle! Well done gang!


The boys working hard!


The first half of tonight's program:

Texas Mini Tri -

30 Jerks
30 Snatch/Arm
30 Long Cycle

Inspired by:


Sunday night session: 'Mini Texas Tri' inspired by @texas_kettlebell_academy 30 reps Jerk-30 reps Snatch-30 reps Long Cycle.
We followed up with 7 x 1 minute intervals of Long Cycle (1 minute rest) This will be our last hard session before the Team lifts at @teamredgoat #ndc competition Saturday.


Saturday Jerk Intervals


This is perfect pacing for 8 reps/min! (Amanda snuck in a 9th rep at the end). I signalled when she fixated and could drop, and Amanda just focused on 3 seconds in rack before jerking. Her strategy is keeping this pace for the first 8 min, then increasing to 9-10 reps/min in the last 2 minutes. We repeated this pace for ten intervals and it was definitely doable (in fact, if every second minute she snuck in a 9th rep she could make 85 reps). If this pace works for her, it's as simple as cutting down to 2.5 sec/rack to hit 90 + reps come Nationals. PACING IS EVERYTHING!!!!


Saturday Session:
@mandibrown81 put in a lot of long cycle today with her main focus placed on pacing. After ten intervals we were able to really establish proper pacing strategy for her upcoming competition in Moose Jaw!


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