Corey Hancock@coreyhancock

My whole life changed. 2/20/10

We've seen some beautiful sights over here, but nothing has compared to the majesty of Rex's stache. Swipe right for the glory


From these photos you can learn 2 things: I stand way too close to buildings when I take pictures of them, and I'm having a blast with some absolute goons 🇭🇺🇩🇪🇮🇹


Our time in Berlin and Prague was brought to you by Gold Bond Body Powder™️ #tripleactionrelief


We're basically the Garnett/Allen/Pierce of karaoke bars


Most commonly asked questions from last night: What happened to your arm? When was the last time you got a haircut? How did you get such an attractive date?
The answer to all three is I'm honestly not sure.


One year ago today I nervously asked this girl out at the most romantic of locals (shoutout @dancingbearpub). We then went to see La La Land and she feel asleep 🙄. That night was just one of thousands of great memories with @millschenot, and here's to many more!


Throwing a big fat check mark on the bucket list today #COYG


Last night we took a picture...and then took a picture of that picture #pictureception


If only there was a catchy song about turning 22 years old that I could use for this caption...oh well! Happy birthday Mills!!! #22 #cougar


Oh, to be a gooner!


"Wide Open Spaces" was playing in my head the whole time


Had a blast this past week with my good friend Mills--especially celebrating Dan and McCall last night! #chenotnomo