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BOZEMAN! I’ll be speaking next Thursday at the Emerson! 100% of proceeds goes to benefit children’s education in Central Asia. Event is at 7 and I’ll be speaking for an hour with Q&A to follow. It’s a deeply personal narrative with a hometown crowd....the scariest kind. That said, the more the better. Psyched to see you there. @centralasiainstitute


An odd time to look down...thanks again cosmos...


Thanks cosmos.....


These walrus in Franz Josef Land, Russia hate straws...for real. @zarialynn just challenged me to #stopsucking and I was like, "well, that's kind of a tall order..." But then I figured out she was talking about the @lonelywhale campaign to stamp out the needless use of plastic straws. Did you know Americans alone use 500 million plastic straws a day?!?! That's a lot of waste that uses precious resources to create and leaves heaps of plastics and micro-plastics floating in our oceans. Soooo, now I'm gonna challenge @ladzinski to #stopsucking as well. Let's make ourselves heard with this simple little adjustment and thoughtfulness in our day to day and learn more at


That one time in Oregon with @eddiebauer and my phone camera....


@masterblasterg Gabriel Angelo, Pearl St. mall street performer. An unmissable new ICON. Gabriel has so much youthful energy...he'll tell you it's from being vegan, but I think it might have something to do with being 19. Regardless, he's a badass bursting with talent. I wanted to make a portrait representative of what Gabriel sweats out onto the bricks. Two lights synced at 1/1600. #phaseonephoto #mediumformat @angelajpayne

Pearl Street Mall

@jeremiahfraites musician/drummer @thelumineers Thanks Jer, Fra, and Spaghetti for the love and guys kick reals ICON #phaseonephoto #mediumformat

Boulder, Colorado

Pearl St Mall contortionist, Ibashi. 61 yrs. old. Boulder ICON. To require virtually no post processing, I had a second plexiglass box supporting the one he is in and blasted a strobe directly through it in order to make it disappear while simultaneously dropping in a backlight with a reflector at full power on a boom. The result was a floating box...kinda fun to figure it all out with @angelajpayne #phaseonephoto #mediumformat

Boulder, Colorado

Right now. Mt. Jefferson from Silcox Hut on Mt. Hood. @eddiebauer

Silcox Hut

Nancy Smith of Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance Boulder ICON

Boulder, Colorado

Robert Sher-Machherndl @robertmachherndl of Lemon Sponge Cake Ballet @lemon_sponge_cake_ballet , Boulder ICON #phaseonephoto

Boxcar Coffee Roasters