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Photo by @maggiesteber. Robb and Alesia Stubblefield hold their 21-year-old daughter Katie in January 2018, eight months and 23 days after Katie received a face transplant at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. Katie shot her face off in a suicide attempt in 2014 at age 18 due to a number of issues that caused her desperate attempt. After numerous surgeries and long hours of psychotherapy to prepare her for eligibility for a face transplant, Katie and her family awaited a miracle: a donor face. One finally came and in May 2017 Katie received a new face in a 31-hour procedure. Throughout this process, her parents stood by her, learning everything they could about face transplants, medical procedures, medicines and numerous kinds of physical therapy. Their lives changed from being teachers to being ardent advocates for their child, accompanying her to daily visits with doctors and physical and speech therapists. They learned how to give her medications through a tube in leading to her stomach. In their most important role, they kept the spirits of Katie and themselves up through their faith in God and faith in Katie's team of surgeons. They became warriors for their daughter in roles that continue even until today. You can read about Katie’s story in the September issue of @natgeo magazine…Story of a Face. Please share the story and the following hotlines and donor websites: National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255. Register on this Organ Donor site: https://on.natgeo.com/2MigvIB Donors can save many lives as it did Katie’s.
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Playing Around | Photograph by Leighton Lum (@photography_by_leighton)
“Baby humpback whales are very inquisitive by nature. Their curiosity used to be their downfall during the times of whaling in Tonga, as they were easy targets,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Leighton Lum. “Since the whaling has stopped, more whales have shown up every year to breed and raise their calves.”

“What an incredible view of a peaceful creature! I love how it looks like this ‘little’ whale is giving us the eye. Though I love the deep blue of the ocean, seeing this scene in black and white slows it down to let us truly appreciate this awesome mammal. Well done!” — @natgeoyourshot Associate Photo Editor Kristen McNicholas (@kemcnicholas)


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“Tokyo is my second home,” says Pharrell Williams (@pharrell), who recently spent a day in the city stopping in on some of his favorite spots. “The city has had this incredible impression on me since the first time I came here. It feels like going to another world, where humility is so thick in the air; as soon as the humidity hits you when you get off the plane, so does the humility. The people have an incredible appreciation for others, and they are some of the most amazing collectors of not just things, but also experiences.”
Join Pharrell as he shops, eats and strolls in Tokyo, today on our story and on our IGTV channel. To watch IGTV, update your app now, then look for the new icon in the top right corner of feed.


Photo by @renan_ozturk // The cigar smoke and dripping sweat seemed frozen by the first rays of sun down the narrow streets. Searching for the intersection of natural light and humanity, Old Havana, Cuba, 2016. ~

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Historia de una cara - El trasplante revolucionario que le dio a una joven una segunda oportunidad.
La cara comunica quiénes somos al transmitir las emociones. Es el portal hacia el mundo sensorial. Entonces, ¿podemos decir que somos nuestras caras? Katie Stubblefield perdió la suya cuando tenía 18 años y los médicos le dieron una cara nueva a los 21. Descubre esta historia de sufrimiento, identidad, resilencia y milagros médicos en www.nationalgeographicla.com/una-cara-nueva


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