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#Summer's skipping a beat so RN it's time for a lil #TrailRunning 🏃 along #theDells of the #EauClaireRiverTrail ~ #RunningMusic courtesy of #MistaJam @ #DrumAndBass #DJMix #Cratedigging #Runners


#Republicans = the stupidest people on the planet. FACT. If only we could put them all on a rocket ship and point it at the first flat planet we find. There they can all live out their useless pathetic joke of a life happy in bizzarro world.


@ All men, pay attention to this #LoveBird! 🚨 This male #Cardinal knows how to treat the ladies! He feeds them first and foremost and they line up, croon, and patiently wait for his attention. 💗 💙 ❤️