Maya & Willow 🐾@crazyaboutspots

↠⠀Two lovable Border Collies
↠⠀Blue & lilac merles
📍Monterey ☼ CA

Maya is always so expressive. 🖤 Does your dog do head tilts when they’re trying to understand something? I’ve noticed Willow isn’t a huge head tilter, like Maya. 🙈


Even when they’re fighting over treats, they’re still the cutest. (Yes, Maya is laying on Willow. She doesn’t seem to mind. 🙈) Do your dogs like playing or cuddling with other pups?
Yesterday @stellaandchewys launched their #JourneyHomefund. They partnered with shelters and rescue groups to bring awareness around senior and adult pet adoption. For each bag of @stellaandchewys that is purchased, Stella & Chewy's will donate a meal to an adult rescue dog (up to 250,000 meals annually!) You can swipe to view a short clip of the video they created. ♥️


I’m excited to share this photo I took of Willow at the beach. She looks so beautiful in her new @hootandco bandana. I think this might be one of my favorite photos of her. 🖤 Many of you already know based on my previous posts, the beach is Willow’s favorite place to be. Between the smell of the ocean and sound of the waves, the beach is so soothing to her. She could watch the ocean for hours and stay so calm. Sometimes she even falls asleep right next to me. This is definitely Willow’s happy place. 🌊🌊🌊 Does your dog have a happy place or somewhere they just love to visit?


Wake me when it’s Friday. 😴😴😴


Maya always gets so much love and attention every time we visit Carmel. We even stopped a few people on their morning runs. ☀️ She looked super cute in her new @hootandco bandana. 😉 // @hootandco is launching something brand new on 5.18! It’s a handmade summer collection called The Pacific. 💙 We’re absolutely obsessed. Does your dog like wearing bandanas?


Looks like Maya & Willow found their new toy! 🦒 Do your pups enjoy playing with toys?


This cutie loves visiting the beach. She could listen to the waves all day! 🌊🌫️


These girls have been loving their new backyard! Can’t wait until it’s finished. 🌳 How did you spend your Monday?


Willow carefully inspected her new @Petcube Bites Pet Camera and wants to tell all her friends that she approves. 😉 If she’s being spied on, she’s sure happy it’s from a camera that also functions as a treat dispenser! 🍪 #petcubepets


Quick! Act natural. 👀👀


Maya’s people-watching again in Carmel!🚶‍♂️🏃‍♀️ Luckily, no one seems to mind. Do your pups enjoy visiting towns and cities? Or do you prefer nature? 🌲🌆


Monday blues... 😴 Busy week ahead, but I’m planning to take the girlies out to Carmel-by-the-Sea for some fun! ♥️ What do you have planned this week?


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