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We are so proud of our Athlete @wlnoerchen 💪!
3 PR's (Snatch 92/ C&J 115/ Total 207) @ her first appearance at the World Weightlifting Championship and 6 out of 6, 3x 🇨🇭 records! 👏👏👏
Wow, what a performance!


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Proud to see our Athlete Nora competing at her first World Championship tomorrow at 10.25 !
We wish you all the best for those six lifts!
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This one strongly depends on your hands and your preferences. Ohh and of course your spending habits.

Go for the cheaper one:
You need a basic and simple layer of leather that is flexible and can protect your hands. Generally you are a semi-tough athlete who could also do pull-ups without grips without dying a horrible death. You have no problems with a narrow band twining around your wrist.

Go for the more expensive one:
If you have delicate hands who blister up even if you just look at a bar. These grips generally provide a stiffer and more durable surface. They are made out of a synthetic material combined with carbon and are also more easy to clean. Take it up a notch and go for the ones with 3 holes to protect even more surface of your palm.They feel much softer around your wrist and because of the wider band the force is distributed more evenly.

Grip wise it depends on your personal grip technique. And if your bar is very smooth you will have less of a grip with eihter one.

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People have praised the lords once we announced soft plyo boxes, never again have to take care of bleeding shins and knees.

But what about the people who cant even get on those heights?

Kids classes, senior classes or in general people with a handicap will need an alternative.
And baaam there you go, wooden plyoboxes for kids and soft plyoboxes for kids.
Don't they look cute 😉

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The Interview - With Nora Jäggi
Komplettes Interview jetzt auf

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💪Nora Jäggi is the first official @crossequip Athlete💪

We are very proud to collaborate with this extraordinary #strongwoman
With an astounding 207.5kg deadlift at the age of 19 @wlnoerchen is just at the beginning of her career.

Watch "The Interview - With Nora Jäggi" on friday

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A lot of people get highly innovative on how to use their equipment.

The #wallball movement, russian twists or mobility & stabilisation movements are just a view of the many things you can do with a medball/wallball.

If you slam it to the ground as hard as you can this piece of equipment is the wrong kind for such a movement and may cost you a lot of money.

Medballs/Wallballs are prone to break on their seams if you apply to much force.
Go for seamless #slamballs for movements like that. They will not break and you can get them from 5kg all the way up to 75kg.

Oh and you will save your medballs/wallballs and provide them a long and happy life.

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When a Box owner discovered that a lot of his #barbells lost their knurlings around the snatch-grip position he wondered how this could be possible.
Is it because of the many years these barbells had been used? Or is it because of poor or bad equipment?

The answer may surprise you.

He didn't realise that many of these bars had been used with mobile squat stands from the open gym area. Even he used them on occasion but like the other athletes he hasn't noticed a difference in sound or feel when he racked those heavy barbells.
After many years of usage, racking heavy barbells and twisting them for better grip the plastic cover has slowly disappeard into box nirvana. Causing the barbells' knurling to grind on the metal J-Hooks and thus loosing their structure.

This is due to 24/7 open gym usage over many years and is unlikely to happen in regular classes.

What is your take on this?

You will have to regularly check EVERY aspect of your equipment and pay attention to things like that. It will safe you money in the long term... Hint: You can easily fix this by relocating the plastic about 1cm further up, no need to buy new J-Hooks.

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