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We make pure, organic maple syrup in Dutchess County, NY

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Introducing Crown Maple Irish Whiskey Barrel Aged Maple Syrup. One of 12 Estate produced maples that continue to champion our passion for the maple craft. Stop down this weekend and next weekend to discover this new addition to our maple family. We season our barrels with Jameson Black Label and age our organic maple syrup in them so the Irish Whiskey is Infused from the oak. Shows flavors of richness and complexity with smoky smooth maple sweetness, spice and vanilla notes. #whiskey #maplesyrup #crownmaple #mapleweekend #local #hudsonvalley #distinctlydutchess

Crown Maple Syrup

Come enjoy the final 5 days at The Crown Maple Estate.
Please note that March 31 will be the final day for the Crown Maple Estate to be open to the public. As of April 1, the Crown Maple Estate, café and retail store will no longer be open to the public. This move will allow us to maximize available space and resources to focus exclusively on maple production and bottling to meet the very strong demand for our products. Crown Maple continues to be available for purchase in stores both locally and nationwide, as well as on our website. We are grateful for all of the support you have given to our café, retail store and events and we look forward to sharing these last 5 days with our partners and guests.
For 5 more days we welcome you to come visit The Crown Maple Estate. Come explore & discover our distinctive portfolio of maple products, learn about maple production from tree-to-table, enjoy one of the most beautiful views in the Hudson Valley, roast a marshmallow over our patio fire, and indulge in our maple-infused products and craft beverages.
The Crown Maple Estate will be open and welcoming guests to come visit for only 5 more days:
Maple Weekends on Saturday March 17, Sunday March 18, Saturday March 24 and Sunday March 25,
(free entrance and lots of exciting activities)
Bunny Brunch on March 31 (reservations required)

Crown Maple Syrup

Join us at the Crown Maple Estate this weekend and next weekend for our Maple Weekends! It's a celebration of all things maple and... IT'S FREE. Our firepit is on and the marshmallows are ready to be toasted. There is something for everyone and it's fun for the whole family from craft cocktails to Crown Maple Cotton Candy. So come on by and enjoy our spacious and inviting Sugarhouse. #Local #CrownMaple #HudsonValley #MapleWeekends #DistinctlyDutchess #CrownMaple

Crown Maple Syrup

Join us this weekend and next weekend for Maple Weekends at the Crown Maple Estate! Celebrate maple greatness with a few of our close friends! Back by popular demand is the elusive Maple Wooden Sleeper crafted by the cider geniuses @angryorchard with our very own Crown Maple. This is just one of many maple-inspired offering that you can enjoy! We are looking forward to seeing you. Spread the word!!! #crownmaple #angryorchard #hudsonvalley #DistinctlyDutchess #local #mapleweekends

Crown Maple Syrup

This year’s Maple Weekends at the Crown Maple Sugarhouse is bigger and better than ever!

Here’s all the offerings on hand this year:

Tasting: Try all our maple syrups. Including our new additions; Irish Whiskey Barreled, Spiced Rum Infused, and Coffee Infused! Tastings are free, so make sure to try as many flavors as you can!

Crown Maple Bar: We’ll be serving up some delicious cocktails this year. Maple Vodka Lemonade, and Black Dirt Crown Maple Bourbon Old Fashioned. We’ll also have a wide array of New York wines and craft beers as well. Angry Orchard will be here each weekend, showing off their Wooden Sleeper, a cider made with our syrup. And lastly, Salt Point Meaderydery will be here showcasing their meads, including Queen’s Crown, a mead that’s also made with our syrup!

Sampling Station: Crown Maple prides itself on showcasing how maple syrup can be used in a variety of products. This can be seen at our sampling station. Try some Maple Granola, Horseshoe Brand Maple Cayenne Hot Sauce which is made with Crown Maple syrup, Maple Cotton Candy, Maple Ice, Maple Vinaigrette, and Maple Glazed Nuts.

Tapping & Processing Station: Learn about tree tapping, and have all your maple production questions answered by our maple syrup experts.

Crown Maple Store: We’ll have a number of sales, so make sure to stock up at these new lower prices!

Crown Maple Café: Our café will be showcasing the many ways in which maple syrup can be used in cooking. Below you’ll find our delicious menu! -Chicken & Waffles -BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders w/ Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce -Bavarian Pretzels served with Maple Mustard -Pigs in a Blanket with Maple Mustard -Mixed Greens Salad w/ Poached Apples, Walnuts and Maple Vinaigrette -Turkey Chili with Corn Bread -Homemade Russet Potato Chips with Crown Maple Original Rub -Maple Sriracha Wings with Bleu Cheese -Maple Buttercream Whoopie Pies -Maple Malted Milk Shakes

This event is free and open to the public, so stop on by! #local #hudsonvalley #distinctlydutchess #crownmaple #maple #maplesyrup #newyork

Crown Maple Syrup

Lewisboro, NY was treated to a special #naturewalk to learn about #maplesugaring at the Brownell Preserve in Goldens Bridge, New York. Tyge Rugenstein, #sugarmaker at Crown Maple spoke about the history of maple sugaring, maple production, and the process behind #estateproduced #maplesyrup. Guests tasted #maplesap from the tree and maple syrup.

Want to learn more about #mapleproduction? Come visit the Crown Maple Estate March 17-18 and 24-25 for maple weekend open house from 10am to 5pm and speak directly to the sugarmakers.

#farming #hudsonvalley #artisanquality

Goldens Bridge, New York

There is no better way to spring forward than with a warm and inviting waffle brunch breakfast and since it's National Oatmeal Nut Waffle Day, we thought we would celebrate losing an hour with aging a delicious brunch. Maple Oats, Crown Maple®️ sugar infused waffles... All we need now is endless Bloody Mary's and we are set to enjoy this warm Sunday! I actually hear birds chirping! #SpringAhead #CrownMaple #Brunch #Local #HudsonValley

Crown Maple Syrup

It’s National Blueberry Pop Over day and here is the catch. I ran out of blueberries but not the desire to bake up some pop over greatness. So instead, Crown Maple sugar makes its debut in these delicious baked pop overs. #crownmaple #popovers #local #hudsonvalley

Crown Maple Syrup

Come taste quite possibly the purest maple syrup on Earth @natprodexpo #expowest . We are showcasing these #artisan infused #organic #maple products — Madagascar Vanilla Infused, Cinnamon Infused, Applewood Smoked and the hottest selling maple on the market #bourbonbarrelaged maple syrup. Come try #truffle Infused Maple from @sabatinotruffles and Maple Cayenne #hotsauce from @horseshoebrandhotsauce and our new #ACV apple cider maple vinegar ! Not to mention @blackdirtdistillery Crown Maple Bourbon ... #wow so many ways to enjoy #puremaple #crownmaple #beexceptional #estateproduced #vegan #kosher #paleo #sustainable #plantbased


A Crown Maple love affair...our Estate-produced pure maple syrup loves oatmeal, and oatmeal is certainly sweet on us. Crown Maple is #lowglycemic and rich in #antioxidants adding extra punch and a touch of sweet to this blueberry and raspberry topped delight. How do you show love to your oatmeal? #powerofmaple #organic #plantbased #vegan #paleo #healthystart


@brunofeldeisen will be on center stage at the International Restaurant Show in #newyorkcity featuring @crownmaple as he showcases #maple, #bacon and #chocolate


We are amazed everyday at our natural bounty and the gift from the trees... this beautiful maple sap flowing into our releaser will soon become pure, organic maple syrup full of antioxidants. What a sweet pleasure to deliver this sustainable product.
#antioxidants #plantbased #pure #sustainable #harvesttime #vegan