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Wiener Dog Extraordinaire
New York Times Bestseller
Shorty Award Winner
Seen on Ellen, GMA, Mashable

“Monday mornings are ruff.. thank goodness I don’t have anywhere to be today..😝” ~ Crusoe


“Do you think we’re ready for our own Vegas show?! 🎩🤗🌟” ~ Crusoe

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Can't believe it's been two years already since I underwent surgery on my back, followed by two months of rehabilitation. But the biggest factor in my recovery? Support from all of you, my fans. Many of you have said the laughter we bring has helped YOU in many circumstances, but during that time, it was the love you returned that helped ME.


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“Tada! Oakley, why are you dressed as a rabbit?! Go watch rest of our magic show right now via link in profile!!” ~ Crusoe


“Who’s ready for my MAGIC SHOW episode tomorrow with Oakley as my assistant?! Should I make Oakley disappear, or no??” ~ Crusoe


“Ready for the weekend.. now only if they made inflatable swim-up bars..” ~ Crusoe


“Who wants go on a camping trip with their pups now?! Don’t miss my behind the scenes blog post with deleted scene via link in my profile!” ~ Crusoe


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“This how my brother Oakley asks for his morning kisses.. Scale of 1 to 10, who would oblige him? 😋😘” ~ Crusoe


“This how doggo make fire. Tag friend who need learn from doggo!” ~ Crusoe (go watch FULL camping episode via link in profile and get ready for surprise ending!)