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Summer bucket list item: Make smores has been completed!! The boys roasted hot dogs as well. Now we are just enjoying the quietness of the outdoors together before we go to bed!! #smores #summeractivities #summerbreak #summertime #summerbucketlist2018 #summerbucketlist #boymom #momlife #momlifeisthebestlife #momofboys #mylife #myloves


#Flashback to one week ago today .... when the company I love & share about announced we’d partnered with #FeedingAmerica & gave them an initial donation of $100K!😭❤️ 🙌🏼 And then they showed us how BIG their hearts really are .... they announced that our new product, Lean .... a complete meal replacement shake that we’d JUST released would benefit this charity too! How you may ask? 👉🏼 For every bag sold, 14 meals are provided by Plexus through the Feeding American program! #bestofthebest #happytears

Want to know something that’s gonna blow your mind all while making you cry? As of THIS AFTERNOON .... just ONE week since the launch of Lean, we’ve provided over 1.25 MILLION meals!😭❤️🙌🏼😱 What God can do with hard work that is dedicated to Him never disappoints and never ceases to amaze me!❤️ #momlife #mompreneur


Josh's 1st baseball season is over. He really enjoyed it, and I know we will be doing it for now on!!! This mama was so proud of her lil man and all if the other boys! I'm gonna miss our time at the ballpark, but now it's time to start getting into football!! #baseballislife #baseballseason #baseballlife #baseballplayer #baseball⚾️ #baseballmom #baseball #baseballteam #momlife #momlifeisthebestlife #boymom #momofboys #football #proudmom


First game in the tournament last night, and we won!! It was a good game! It also showed the potential the boys had in them all season. My guy got hit once with the ball, but he shrugged it off like it was a mosquito bite. LOL #baseballislife #baseballseason #baseballplayer #baseballmom #baseball⚾️ #baseball #boymom #momlife #momofboys #momlifeisthebestlife #mylife


Thank you Plexus for giving us a private concert!! Darius Rucker is AMAZING!! He gave us some throwbacks of Hootie plus his new stuff!!! @dariusrucker #dariusrucker #concert #hootieandtheblowfish #privateconcert #plexuslegacy #plexusconvention2018


Having a quiet dinner at the villa tonight. While the food was cooking, we watched an alligator in the golf course wetlands!!! #salmondinner #stellarosablack #dinner🍽️ #golfcourseview


Our 1st Plexus Convention and our 1st time in Orlando!! This is so exciting!!! #plexuslegacy #oneplexussign #plexusstrong #plexusmom #boymom #mompreneur #momofboys


Girl Bosses!! Let's get organized!!! Ever feel like your world is turned up side down, and you just need to reel it back in and get yourself together??! 🙋🏽 Sometimes I do!! LOL 😄

Here are my TOP #TIPS to help you get organized and feel accomplished!! ✨EAT THAT FROG:

I know you've heard this one before. What this means is, the task that you want to do the LEAST is what you do FIRST. This way, it's DONE and you know you've gotten that big hairy thing out of the way! ✨HAVE A MORNING ROUTINE:

What is going to fill your cup first thing in the morning? Pick that as your first. For example, I like to drink my pink drink and go through positive affirmations before doing anything else. That's the start of my morning routine, and follow the list from there. Your brain will thank you for keeping this up every day, and the rest that follows will become automatic. ✨HAVE A PLANNER AND SCHEDULE:

I like to write out my To-Do list out the night before, with some sort of timeframe for each task so I have an idea of what I'd like to achieve and what my day looks like. PLANNING. Huge. ✨KEEP YOUR WORK AREA TIDY AND ORGANIZED:

If your work space is messy, your brain will be messy too. Make sure that you throw away any trash, have a place for everything so you know where to find it, and keep it light. Less is more when it comes to supplies. ✨MAKE SURE TO SCHEDULE TIME JUST FOR YOU:

Women, moms, you know how it goes. We end up putting everyone and everything first, and that is not the way to do it!! You MUST schedule time in your day for the things that make you feel human. Whether that's your workout, getting your nails done, or taking a walk on your own, put that in your SCHEDULE! You'll be much more present for everything else.

COMMENT BELOW to let me know if this helps, ladies!! #GirlBossOrganization #momlife #momofboys #MomBoss #bossbabe #bossmom #plexusforlife #boymom #mompreneur


Had a very hot and busy day with this handsome guy and ALL of our kiddos!! I also got to see my other 2 lil buddies, Wesley and Connor! It was fun!!! We went to the Museum of Discovery, Heifer International, and the Splash Pad. I beat him at lawn connect four, and he wasn't a sore loser like I usually am!!! #boymom #momlife #momlifeisthebestlife #myloves #mylove #myife #momofboys #busylife #connectfour #happywife #happylife #happymom


Got this lil gem in the mail yesterday!!! I was so excited, and really thought it was the NEWEST slim. BUT it was a triplex and xfactor plus! I'll gladly take it, but please let the Slim HC come in TODAY!!!! #plexusstrong #PlexusForTheWin #plexushope #plexusslim #plexus #plexusforlife #triplex #xfactor #multivitamin #mylife #supplements


The #timefreedom we've gained from our Plexus business is awesome & we feel #blessed⏳! When you realize that #time is more valuable than money or things, you automatically become wealthier.💯#truth Time is really what we strive for. And you definitely don’t have enough of it in a 8-5 job. #beentheredonethat It takes a third of your day, five days a week & in many jobs even more! #thinkaboutthatforasec🤔
Time freedom means getting up when you want #noalarmclocksrocksmyworld, going on vacation🛣️ or round-the-world trips✈️when you want and for how long you want, spending as much time as you want with your spouse👫& loved ones, getting to cheer on your children, nieces & nephews in all their activities, working out🏃🏼‍♀️without time restraints, going to the movies🎟️ or the nail salon💅🏼, shopping🛍️!☺️ Time freedom means having the time to move deliberately through the world🌎. It means not stressing out😫and running around like a headless chicken🐔on steroids. #nothanks Having freedom of time lets you slow down and relax, and lets you appreciate life, your environment, people around you and the world in a much deeper way.

It means having less #routine and #restrictions❌and more flexibility to be spontaneous. #ohyeah It also means you can spend your time doing more remarkable, meaningful things. Like helping to change the world or other people’s lives.🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻#yesplease It means you can lead a more unconventional lifestyle.

Super thankful for our #unconvenational #lifestyle all because I said "YES" to an opportunity, took a chance & didn't stop when it got "hard"!❤️


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