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51 Reasons Why {#25}: The 25th reason on my list of Why I Love Photography is I can capture the point of view of my kids. I had already seen the Grand Canyon at least two times in my life before I took my kids to see it. But I had never seen my KIDS see it. I was happy that I could focus on watching THEM see it for the first time. This is that moment captured.


"We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup." 🍭


✨ Feature Friday✨ : Meet Louise Edu (@louiseeducoaching) an Online Marketing Coach/Consultant. Louise also founded a Facebook Group called Mighty Momprenuers and here's what she says about it: "It is absolutely POSSIBLE to have it all! No longer are we having to make a choice between being a Mother and a successful Biz Babe…we can have it all, and that’s what a MIGHTY MOMPRENEUR is…. A MIGHTY MOMPRENEUR is someone who is committed and courageous enough to bring their ONLINE SERVICE BASED BUSINESS to life, dedicated to putting in the work, and passionate about creating a better life for their family! While hustling is a huge part of our success, Mighty Mompreneurs also know that being present for our children is our main priority!

The Mighty Community is one that is built on support, collaboration, empowerment and knowledge….knowing your core values as a Mother and as a Biz Babe and combining the two so that you are in complete alignment.
Here in the community, it's my passion to support you with stepping into your light...and help you Market your online biz authentically and in a way that feels good to you! You’re done playing small, you’re done sitting in the audience supporting everyone else…NOW’S your time to step into your Light and SHINE like the Mighty Mompreneur that you are!" If you're a Momma and Boss Babe, check out the group! You can find the link in her profile @louiseeducoaching.

Marina Village

51 Reasons Why {#26}: Number 26 on Reasons Why I Love Photography is I can capture and share my unique perspective. There may be a dozen different photographers at one place, and they could all notice and photograph completely different angles and subject matter. Sharing my unique perspective is something I take pride in yet feel totally self-conscious about at times when I question whether others will like my point of view. A blessing and a curse in the art of photography.


Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life.
-Albert Einstein


Hello, December! I always look forward to seeing you and then you are gone in a flash! Please stay longer. Love, Me.


51 Reasons Why {#27}: Number 27 on Reasons Why I Love Photography is capturing a memory to keep forever. Isn't it incredible when you look at a picture and remember the sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings of that moment?  I captured this quick snap while photographing a private event. It was an 80th birthday party. Her family said she rings the dinner bell every time they visit when it's time to eat. The house was full of people chatting and smelled like the tortillas in the enchilada dinner. You can see in her expression that being with her family filled her with joy.


Thank you to all who participated in the contest! The WINNER of the photo shoot GIVEAWAY is @jacquie_sanchez!! Congratulations!! I have a spot saved for you this Saturday afternoon! I will DM details. 💗 #GetItGirl
Check out my Insta stories to see how I selected a winner.
To those who are trying to be gracious losers right now, NEVER FEAR! Contact me if you'd like to schedule a mini session this weekend. It's my last round of shoots before Christmas! 🌲 {}


She said "Let's take one in front of the Museum of Art because that's where we got married".... and it's my favorite shot. 💙

San Diego Museum of Art

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This kid. Let me tell you about him. He turns 7 today. And the world is his oyster. Arms spread wide, he's ready for every adventure. Brave and jovial, yet immensely sensitive. His humor has reached a point where his jokes make me and my husband genuinely laugh. He's smart and receives constructive criticism freely. He loves learning. He's so agreeable, he just rolls with life and soaks in all the good stuff. I never could have dreamt up a cooler kid to call my own. He fills my heart with abundant joy and I thank God every day for sharing him with me and blessing me beyond my wildest dreams. 💘


🍁 Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! 🍂 (No, I'm not southern, but ya'll just sounds so hospitable!) Enjoy your feast and family today.


51 Reasons Why {#28}: On the list of Reasons Why I Love Photography, number 28 is Travel Photography. Whether my destination is local or abroad, I can capture an adventure! I took this photo while in Paris some years back. I still feel so lucky that I was able to go there on a *work trip* helping to assist behind the scenes with a boudoir photography workshop!
When I was around 19 and first setting out on my photography journey, I considered aiming to become a National Geographic photographer. I dreamt of traveling the world and telling people's stories through imagery. A few years went by and my vision started to shift towards staying home while raising a family and capturing stories locally.
I can always rely on travel photography to fulfill that occasional adventurous itch. 🌎


I am giving away a FREE Photo Shoot!
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#Repost @tribemagazine (@get_repost)
We’re so excited to introduce you to our next “Mom Behind the Brand” - Crystal Carr of @crystellaphotography - #ontribe today. ......... TM: As moms and entrepreneurs, we’re always trying to find balance. How do you practice or keep balance in your own life?

CC: I find balance by riding out the ups and downs of seasons. For me, it feels like things balance out over about a month long period. One week of the month, I might feel like cleaning or organizing and another I am feeling creative and do long work sessions. I try to allow my intuition to lead me. I used to follow a Daily To-Do List that included things like take vitamins, drink 60 ounces of water, exercise, do one load of laundry, etc. My thought was that I was spreading out my to-dos, but what I’ve found that works better for me is batching tasks. Like I do all of the laundry on Sundays. When I was using the daily checklist, I couldn’t get every box checked every day and I felt disappointed in myself. I had to let go of that unrealistic expectation. < Read more mama entrepreneur inspiration from @crystellaphotography at link in profile > #everythingtribe

Torrey Pines State Beach

Fall is all about family! It's my most booked time of the year and I love it. 🌟 
Look how adorable this crew is! 💛


Creativity is intelligence having fun. — Albert Einstein

Paris, France

51 Reasons Why {#29}: The 29th reason Why I Love Photography is that photographs make people feel {not just good but} a whole range of emotions. I especially love looking at true documentary photography and getting a close perspective of life in other parts of the world. This Adoption Announcement session had a fun, excited, and joyful feel. It may just be me, but when I look at this image I can empathize with the anticipation they must also be feeling. That nervous/excited feeling of something wonderful yet scary that is about to happen! What emotion(s) do you feel when you look at this image?
P.S. Today is National Adoption Day!


San Diego is full of beautiful spaces and beautiful families!
Today is National Take a Hike Day. This trail was a great place to enjoy the scenery and fresh air. I live right near one of the most popular hiking spots in San Diego, Cowles Mountain, and hiked it on Monday this week. Where is your favorite place to hike?

Balboa. Park Trails

How is it Thursday already?! Not to mention the middle of November! Time really flies this time of year.
The Bottini's color scheme and smiles are making me feel happy today. 💛

La Jolla, California

Here's an adorable blue-eyed baby to gladden your day 💙.

Old Poway Train Park

With Thanksgiving coming up, I am thinking a lot about family and things I'm thankful for. It's fun to think of one big thing and one little thing. Today, my big thing is I'm blessed to be hired by wonderful people. And one small thing I'm grateful exists is day planners. 
Anyone want to share one big and/or little thing you're thankful for?

San Diego Museum of Man

Today is World Kindness Day. It is crucial to me as a Mother to teach my children to be kind individuals. Even though I've heard it hundreds of times, The Golden Rule hasn't lost it's meaning to me. "Treat others the way you want to be treated." If we simply ask ourselves 'how would this make me feel?' before taking action on something, it will make the world a better place one choice at a time.
On World Kindness Day, let your compassion shine brightly. Get caught showing as much kindness as possible.
📷 of my family ❤️ by @deenacormierphotography

Waterfront Park

Veterans Day is a celebration to honor America's veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. Thank you, Veterans for your military service. 🇺🇸

Naval Base Point Loma

Raise your hand if you want to look this adorable while rocking at Mom Life! 🙋🙋🙋 I'm stoked I had the honor of photographing these two bad-ass mamas of @tribemagazine. They are raising little humans, creating content for their online magazine, hosting events for San Diego moms through @momtribesd, and so much more. 🎀

Fletcher Cove Beach Park

Love this angle and this family! 💙

Little Italy

51 Reasons Why {#30}: Spot number 30 on the list of Reasons Why I Love Photography is that pretty pictures make people feel good (myself included). Looking at an image of a gorgeous view like this is soothing, almost therapeutic. When I look at beautiful imagery, I get an excited feeling in my gut. I think it's an endorphin release for me. I'm guessing others experience something like this, judging by how many pretty pictures are posted every day on Instagram!

Yellowstone Lake West Thumb Jetty

Love snuggly shots like this. 🙌 This season makes me want to snuggle on the couch under a soft blanket and binge watch Netflix. Currently watching Stranger Things season 2 with my husband. This Is Us is next!

Spreckels Organ Pavilion

I found out at church yesterday that it's National Vocations Week. Catholics define a vocation as a call from God. My vocation as a Wife brings me the most joy in my life through my husband and children. I figured now is the perfect time to share about a page I enjoy following: @oneextraordinarymarriage posts inspiration and tips for married couples. Check them out! Pictured here is one half of the team, Alisa ❤️.

Marina Village Conference Center