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After being “back-ordered” for way too long. The Glow Basic & Glow Premium are finally back in stock at (The Glass Mat add-on as well). Thanks for your patience. #cutterpillarglow #quilting #itsbrighthere #scrapbooking


Yup, another weekend, and another expo. This time though, we’re on our home turf in SLC, Utah. Come see all of our new Glow products at the Salt Lake City quilt show in Sandy. If you come take a picture with us and put it on your Instagram, will give you a free gift. No swag, something good. #cutterpillarglow #quilting


We are spread pretty thin this weekend, we have expos in New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Florida. Come say hi to these two and their matching aprons in Orlando. How bout this... anyone who mentions Instagram to these two cuties in person, will get 40% off: a Crop Trimmer or a Glow Premium. Tomorrow the 28th and only in Orlando.


Come see us this weekend at the Quilt and Sewing Fest in Edison New Jersey! #cutterpillarglow #cutterpillarglowultra #quilting #quiltingismytherapy


Does this sound familiar? Your spouse wants to watch the game. Or the kids want to watch their movie. But you NEED to get some craft/quilt time. With the CutterPillar Glow Premium, just cozy-up with the fam on the couch, coffee table or floor. 3 hours of use with no cords !! The Glow makes any time... crafting time. #cutterpillarglow #itsbrighthere


Save a trip to the craft store. The CutterPillar trimmers are the best tool to make your own #quilling strips. You’ll never need to buy them pre-cut again. #cutterpillar #quillart #papertrimmer


We have 20 tickets for our Instagram followers to the #quiltfestivalchicago this week. No strings attached. It’s a good excuse to come see the new #CutterPillarGlowUltra at our booth. If you want to post something nice about us, that’s up to you. 😉Will go to the first 20 people to PM us. #cutterpillar


Look at all this real estate ! 26 x 19 inches of lighted goodness. #glowultra #cutterpillar


The CutterPillar Glow is a unique crafting tool. It illuminates your work where you need it most. But true genius lies in the translucent, self-healing cutting-mat ! Combined together, the possibilities are endless. #cutterpillarglow #itsbrighthere


We saw this T-shirt on someone at our quilt festival in Lancaster, PA. But couldn’t get a good picture of it. So found this on google. We like it.


The wait is over... our newest addition to our #cutterpillarglow line. We named it the Ultra; because it’s the biggest, brightest illuminated crafting mat available. It was made for crafters... scrapbookers, quilters, artists and all creative types. “See your crafts in a whole new light.” Available now, at #cutterpillar #itsbrighthere #quilting #scrapbooking #cardmaking #weeding


I was walking through the warehouse today… I noticed something new. #ginormous #cutterpillar #cutterpillarglowultra


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