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I love food 🍲 and avoid coffee by all means ☕️
(Still a Communication Strategist)

So the little secret to make the chicken stand out is to add a little bit of sugar until it caramelizes the bell peppers and the onions. Then white wine and black pepper (directly in the skillet) seal the deal. 🍷🍴🍗


Those sleepless nights... Whether it's for work or trying to find inspiration for a painting, I tend, like everyone else, to be a victim of a lack of inspiration. It's the most annoying feeling but it's mostly hard to fight it.

So I start reading, exploring my surroundings, exchanging with people but nothing works. Then, night falls and everything's different.

As I'm supposed to get ready to sleep, my blood starts pumping and every noise I hear becomes resourceful. Shadows draw themselves on the walls and titillate my imagination. The droplets from the bathroom or my neighbor's steps on the wood make for an incredible flow of inspiration. I either take my Mac or my brush and go with the moment.

And there I find myself living one of those sleepless nights in Paris.


Café de Flore
Just take a table, sit, have a drink and watch Paris unfold 🗼🌟 🌟


It has to be a mood!!! 🤩✌🏽💪🏾


I'm not a big drinker but I was so happy to get this travel-size merlot. I needed it for a recipe but I'm sure its size is very convenient for the wine lovers out there 😊😊


A Sky full of Balloons 🎈🎈🎈 by @cvianney


🍚 + 🥚 + 🍅 + 🥟 + 🥩... Yep that's about it!! 😊😊


Can we just let go of all the stress and problems we create and enjoy this je ne sais quoi...This little "Joie de Vivre" that seems to come with the sunny days? I know it's easy to say but let's try to live lightly...🎈🎈


Just a small break.... 🍪🍶


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Making veggie oatmeal pan biscuits 😊 is always a pleasure and so easy !!


Vaporous Skies by @cvianney