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getting back to my old ways tonight. #yogibutgymnastatheart #thejazzwasanicetouch


crazy that when I was younger I used to stray away from my curly hair, now I love it! Thanks Dr. Carr & Howard! ——-


gotta give the camera that work okrrrt.

7 is finally here 🙌🏽 thank you so much to everyone that’s helped to make this all happen! Thank you @kreammm @artofficialmakeupandphoto @lovesarahwade @jeweltankard! Thank you to everyone who has supported the vision thus far 🙏🏽. I can’t wait to continue to grow and elevate with you all. 💕💕💕 LOVE💕


@blinkbeauty x CyreneLovette coming soon.


tell em, keep that same energy. @2mod.est 📸


Lately, I’ve been so pressed to get to the next level that I haven’t really gotten to enjoy each moment like I should. Each moment, each step is so important cause if you miss a step you change the entire outcome of your future. I’ve decided to be patient, trust in my work ethic, and have the faith of a giant. God has been nothing but good. #LiveWithIntention #GratitudeAlways #Balance —————-
@2mod.est 📸


Gratitude 🙏🏽 #yogi


Ci Ci do you love me?


hard work pays off.


such a full circle moment to be partnered with a skin care line I actually grew up using @dermalogica! Thanks for helping me achieve some of my skin care summer goals! Night time skin routine using @dermalogica will be up soon. ✨🙌🏽 #dermalogicapartner