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Dentsu won a Yellow Pencil this year for Sumo Girls 82 Techniques, where a special group of girls in sailor-style school uniforms united to promote the 101st Kanazawa High School Sumo Wrestling Tournament.
In order to get more people to know the fun of sumo and get public attention to the tournament, two "Sumo Girls" expertly perform 82 winning techniques of sumo, which include throws, twists and body drops.


@bbcsport’s ad campaign for the 2018 Winter Olympics, ‘The Fearless Are Here’ by Y&R London won a Wood Pencil at #DANDAD18 for its dark, bold animation that captures the tournament’s intensity.


@bloomsburypublishing won a Wood Pencil in the Book Design Category at this year’s D@AD Awards for @renieddolodge’s ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race’.


Regular plastic bags can pollute the environment for up to 500 years. That’s why the 2018 Graphite Pencil winning #FeeditBag was created. It’s made from 100% compostable biopolymers and is biodegradable in just ten weeks. What’s more, you can use the first editions of their bag to help grow tomatoes, aubergines, or pear trees (with more editions to follow which you can vote for on their website,
Their mission? To reduce plastic waste and protect the environment.
Awarded Advertising & Design Agency: Cheil Germany


If anything gives you design envy today, it’ll be these fantastic ads from @cheilworldwide_official featuring @jblaudio’s noise-cancelling headphones, which won a Wood Pencil at #DANDAD18.


@magpiestudio_ and won a Graphite Pencil at this year’s D&AD Awards for their innovative use of branding.


“March 11.
Every year on this day,
we remember.
It's been six years since
the great East Japan Earthquake,
and we pray it will never happen again.
Yet, we know it can -
there's a high possibility that we might,
once again, face disaster.
On that fateful day, a tsunami
surged over the shores of
lwate prefecture,
reaching a height of 16.7 meters.
Had that wave crashed
through Ginza,
it would have felt higher
than anyone could imagine.
Think about it, it will change your life.
Now, we can prepare.
Listen to the victims’ stories
as inspiration to cultivate a better
life, and more wisdom.
We will never forget,
and we will always be prepared.
This day is forever in our memories.
This Graphite Pencil-Winning outdoor media for @yahoojapanpr by HAKUHODO Kettle/HAKUHODO served as a visual reminder of just how high that tsunami wave was. Check out the video here ->


Sound on for The VR Vaccine - a Pencil Award-Winning app that helps children overcome the fear of a dreaded injection through the use of Virtual Reality.
We awarded this 2018 Branded Content & Entertainment entry a Wood Pencil. Congratulations @ogilvybrasil & @hermes.pardini.


At #DANDAD18, won a Wood Pencil for @dualipa’s New Rules video, this year’s catchiest hit.
For every song you don’t like at #eurovision tonight, play New Rules once and your mood will surely improve.


Long. Copy. Is. Not. Dead.
Take a moment out of your Friday to zoom in and check out these 2018 Graphite Pencil award-winning pieces titled ‘Lives Way More Interesting Than Yours’ from @ddb_germany & @volkswagen.
Let us know which one’s your favourite in the comments below.


This cover titled ‘America First’ by German Magazine Der Spiegel (@spiegelonline. Illustrated by @edelrodriguez and art directed by @kruse_svenja) won a Wood Pencil at #DANDAD18 for its eye-catching depiction of President Trump holding the Statue of Liberty's severed head.
What do you think?


In early 2018, 900 @kfc stores in the UK were hit by a major chicken shortage, leaving customers irate. Not one to chicken out of taking responsibility, KFC & @motherlondon responded with this brilliant Yellow Pencil winning apology, which also won the nation’s heart back.


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