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Video by @pedromcbride // Snowy Birds. A brief flutter and flurry captured while hustling to present stories about the world of water and the rivers that sustain us. #crows #peaceful #snow #follow @pedromcbride to see more.

Portland, Oregon

Central Park - New York ✨💖💖💖✨ Picture by ✨✨@m_bautista330✨✨
#wonderful_places for a feature 💖

Central Park

Together | Photograph by Geoffrey Reynaud
“Taking advantage of the favorable weather to take a flight over thousands of reindeers on their move,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Geoffrey Reynaud, “it was a wonderful moment.”

“You have made a beautiful photo of a simple sentence: Thousands of reindeers on their move. I love that you shot this scene from above, revealing just how many reindeers there are. Because what an epic moment to witness Geoffrey — I can only imagine how amazing this experience must have been, not just visually as a photographer, but also aurally, with the sounds of thousands of reindeers thundering together in one direction. Well done.” — @natgeoyourshot Producer David Y. Lee (@davidylee)


Video by @cshimala
Sliding into your feed like 🍕. #WHPmoveit

Cricket Hill

Photograph by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz
A sea of yellow #rapeseed #flowers is the big money maker for the villages near Xinghua, #China. The wetland was excavated into a network of fields and canals long ago, and now the locals make more money from agro-tourism every spring that they do from the oil-rich seeds. As China’s youth flock to cities for a better life, there are fewer people to farm labor-intensive landscapes like this, causing a shift to industrialized food production. To see more of China’s changing #food supply, follow @geosteinmetz


Un viaje épico alrededor de nuestro planeta 🌎 #OneStrangeRock, dirigida por @darrenaronofsky y presentada por @willsmith. En marzo.


Paris Montmartre by night ✨

Paris, France

Full bars at the top of Nob Hill 📶

Nob Hill, San Francisco

Photo by @anandavarma: A male Cuban bee hummingbird, Mellisuga helenae, perches on a tree branch. #studioshot #wildlife #hummingbirds


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