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Sharing Saturdays: thanks to everyone who happened by some of the buildings I’ve been drawing on lately and decided to stop and share a moment. Nice to see your smiling faces, and glad to know you’re here! Where should we paint next? Who has the best building in need of the most love?


Take something that’s broken
and try to fix it.
Don’t get overwhelmed.
Start with something small
like the thread of busted seam,
or the knobs on an old radio.
Maybe something that you’re not even sure how to fix.
Open up your tool kit
and give your house a once over.
I’m sure you’ve got something that could be working better
and if not, what’s going on down the street-
A crack in the sidewalk?
A hole in the fence?
Have you ever mended a fence before?
Give it what you can,
when you can
and use it as an excuse to learn more
about fixing things.
Once all the small things around you
get patched up
and put right,
set your sights on learning how to fix bigger problems
like an abandoned car that’s lost its will,
or a relationship that doesn’t want to give back,
or a community where no one seems to know each other anymore.
They might not be as easy to stitch up as a busted seam
but if you aren’t willing to get out there and try,
who is?


Add some color where you can. Pic by @wadesphotos


The pressure that drives you might also drive you mad. Be careful out there.


Get closer


When you’ve been hurt / or worked or worse / been told your truth’s a lie and cursed / it’s hard to find a light or lining shining in the dark. And so it seems those golden beams / that lift up others hopes and dreams / weren’t meant to reach or meet the needs / you keep inside your heart. Yet here you are alive aloud / and standing tall where others bowed / with broken bits you’ve braved and battled / battered tattered raged and rattled / rallied back and raised your fist / to tell the world that you exist / that no one’s going to steal your voice / or shake your faith / or take your choice / or make you feel you don’t belong / you’ve come too far / you’re way too strong / you’re made of those who came before / forged from stories long ignored / a roaring chorus / sure and grown / you’re a source of hope / let it be known / you walked through the fire / you shattered the stone / you’re the picture of power / and you’re not alone.


Sharing Sundays: just a bunch of new friends enjoying the work I’ve put into the world. Explore the tags in this gallery to learn all about each other, dogs and humans alike!


Singing songs about the sun


Big shipment of Vans arrived today. Will be sending them out to friends and family this week! This collab has been a great success. Thanks to all who’ve purchased a pair young and old all over the world. Good luck getting them dirty!


Reach out.


I love all the ways you’re weird.


Thanks to everyone who came out this week to celebrate the launch of my Washington DC mural. Big walls and full buildings preferred. I’ve tried to tag the photographers and artists in these pics. As always why not use this as an opportunity to make friends. Love abounds!


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