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"The owner of this account is 14 by the date"
Thanks to all who greeted me and my teachers for buying the cake


30/06/2018 || Hari raya was lit. Didn't got to take alot of pictures but long story short, we had tons on fun on that day.. Love you all ❤️


Ooohh, get em'!!


My sister and I were ryna be a photographer but she's better than me.. 😂


Some pictures of our trip..


A lil flashback on our latest chess tournament..


A little flashback to when I travelled from DPS 🇮🇩 to BWN 🇧🇳 by plane 🛫 last end of year public holiday trip..
FYI, all of these shots are taken by the #canoneosm3 @canonusa


Alright boiis we lost but we tried our best.. Congrats to SAS for winning the game.. And until next time where we are going to be better and stronger.. Thanks for the letter for inviting us for the match.
FYI, this was our third time playing with SAS..


Celebrating the new year in #Bali
#happynewyear everyone.. #2018 HAD A PRETTY complicated #vacation with a bent piston in the car but we all turned the holiday better by dping some fun stuff at home, walked to a paddy field and reach up to a beach..


I just found out that this kitty is sick. 😞


We are 007 agents.. Rooftoping with @h.dan15 , @mocha2three and @shim_0511