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Venture deep in the Westfjords of Iceland and you will find a breathtaking waterfall, Dynjandi. The sheer size and power of this epic waterfall will leave you speechless. Still one of my favourite waterfalls I’ve seen!
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This might be the perfect spot for a tiny cabin! 🏔️ Just imagine living here for a while!


Happy Earth day dear earthlings! 🌍💙 Remember to respect and take care of our beautiful and unique planet, we only have one. #everydayisearthday - Photo from Iceland that I never remembered to post, hope you like it! 🔥


It’s a surreal sight to witness when the calm blue sky suddently starts to ripple and bursting with green and purple colours. One of the most beautiful and strangest experiences I know of! Have you seen the Northern lights? 💙💚


A strong cold wind and the smell of sulphur in the air. Volcanic craters and turqoise water. I Love Iceland. Can you believe there really is such beautiful places like this! 😍


Spring is finally here! I love how much energy the sun gives after the dark and cold winter 🌞What are your favourite things to do at spring time?
Photo from our trip to Morocco with @pihlasofia and @lavidasurftravels at the end of last year!


Glacial rivers in the Himalayas. I could only stop here for a few photographs because it was getting dark and we had to make it to the next village to find a room to sleep in. As I write this, I got a flashback and remember that dodgy little room I got and the dead chicken I found from the room. Later I found it was someones chicken for dinner and they came to get it back haha! - Back to the photo - For scale, look for the roads on the mountain side. These rivers are huge! One day I wan’t to be here during spring when the snow is melting and this river gets flooded!


Who loves roadtrips? 🚗 I love them so much, it’s one of the best ways to experience a country. Can’t wait for summer to come so we can go on one again! 🔥


Traveling to me is not just about going to new places. One of the things I love the most about it, is meeting new people on the way. Would it be having a chat with a local by a cup of tea, meeting new travelers in a hostel, or actually trekking in the Himalayas with people you never met before!
I’ll tell you a short story of a month in Nepal 1,5 years ago. I arrived from India to the Nepalese boarder. I was going to take a local overnight bus over the mountains, but luckily two Canadian travelers asked if I wanted to share a taxi with them Instead. I did. After a few hours on the taxi, the worst food poisoning of my life started. I was so happy I took the taxi. Just imagine being stuck in a local bus for 12h with a Delhi belly. The Canadians also took care of me as I was sick for almost 10 days in my bed.
After I got better, I finally started my 3 week Annapurna circuit trek, weakened from the poisoning. I wen’t alone. After ~6 hours on the bus to the start of the trek, I had already made friends with a friendly German family going on the same trek. They asked if I’d like to join their group and I was very happy to join. They helped me so much on the trek and kept me motivated to keep going, even tho I didn’t feel that strong. I told them about the Finnish word ”Sisu”, meaning for great mental power and how anything is possible with it. After a week of great memories shared together, our way split up. But I had made long lasting friends with the family.
This same pattern kept happening all over again, meeting people from all over the world, sharing experiences and making memories. Then our roads split, but we would say ”See you again” And continued just to meet a new person again. The thoughest day crossing the Thorong La pass (5416m) was so hard, but together with my new German friend, we managed to walk to the top, one baby step at a time. I can’t remember the last time I was so happy as when we reached the top. I understand mountaineers now.
After this month in Nepal, I was a changed man. All the encounters with these people where ment to happen. ”There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met” - William Butler Yeats


Take a deep breath, look around and breath out. You’re at 5000m above sea level looking at the great Himalayan mountains. You’ve used your legs to take you here. Feels pretty awesome afterwards, even if at the moment you feel very weak. Even taking photographs was a big effort at this altitude! Would you like to see more photographs from Nepal? 🏔️


Arctic style beach in Iceland. Just imagine walking on a black sand beach with icebergs as big as a car just casually resting on the beach. Then You look to the sea and see even bigger icebergs floating out in the horizon. Just one of many amazing things to see in Iceland. I wish I could go back there again! 💎


Found this image of the northern lights dancing above the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon that I never posted to you! How many of you have seen the northern lights and did you like them? 😍 The glacier lagoon was probably one of the most epic places I’ve been photographing the lights. It’s such a surreal feeling to be there standing on the shore while car sized icebergs float by and then the sky turns green as the northern lights start dancing above you. Once in a life experience! Glad to have a photo of it. 📸 #PPnight @passionpassport


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