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Home of all Dana Foglia Dance training. #findyourbest


DFD Worldwide is coming to Japan this October at @endancestudio ! Visit www.danafogliadance.com to stay up to date on all of the upcoming worldwide dates and details! #dfdworldwide #findyourbest


Listen to what mentorship student @maloulinders_ had to say about her experience in the 3 month mentorship so far. 🖤 Let’s go week 6! #findyourbest


We are so happy for mentorship alumni @jennastocks for booking Mary Poppins at the Morgan Wilson Theater in Santa Monica! So proud! #letsgoletswork


Last year I took a huge leap and decided I needed to venture out of the states more to share. It couldn’t have been a better experience and I am so excited to be making this happen again! More details are coming soon but these are the cities me and @iamboyboi will be coming to this year. :) Can’t wait. #dfdworldwide #findyourbest


Thank you @khalidspeedfitnesss for bringing in @nutrishopnoho to talk about the importance of fueling our bodies for the work that we do. #findyourbest


It’s crazy that our very first mentorship was 4 years ago! #tbt #findyourbest


We are already into week four of our mentorship, so proud of the growth we see already! #semester6 #findyourbest


DFD Worldwide is right around the corner! More details are coming soon! #DFDWW #findyourbest


We are back at it with @khalidspeedfitnesss in the studio for the Mentorship, semester 6! #findyourbest


Semester 4 final showcase found in the archives 😍 here’s a little clippy #findyourbest


Sometimes the most important moments are when we can just share our thoughts with one another. We are on this journey together. #findyourbest #semester6


Entering week 3 ! 💪🏼 let’s go let’s work! ♥️🙏🏻#findyourbest