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Friends I wanted to let y'all know I will be out of touch for awhile. I'm a big advocate for pursuing what sets your soul on fire and that means when opportunity knocks, you take it.
Careful what you wish for is all I have to say! I have an awesome opportunity to do something I have always dreamed of doing but never thought I would even qualify for it. Turns out, I did!:) .

This new journey will take me away for awhile so if you don't hear from me, don't take it personally. I believe this will only enhance my consulting program and business plans for when I get back. Finishing up with clients this week, finished all paintings and then when this little journey is over I'll pick right back up with helping others step into their power and following their dreams. Stay Wild, Live Bold and Talk to you soon🤙


"Exploring, experimenting, and learning is the way we're designed to live and work, but it's not the way most organizations are built..." straight from the Psychologists mouth folks. Check out this awesome Article I came across today, Share if you feel like this speaks to you and others you know. .
<<< www.thriveglobal.com/stories/28130-finding-your-purpose-at-work >>>


"That is one of the tricks of opportunity. It has a sly habit of slipping in by the back door, and often comes disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat. Perhaps this is why so many people fail to recognize opportunity." -Napoleon Hill. .

I was always told opportunity wears overalls and looks a lot like hard work. Turns out they're right. Every challenge has launched me into something amazing. . **Double tap if your facing a couple challenges this week!**


In order to recieve great love, we must first give great love. .
Look at the relationships in your life right now and take full responsibility for the outcome. .
Are you being the friend you want them to be to you? Are you just taking from the relationship or giving back as well? I know personally I can be a little selfish. I've learned to keep a tight circle and completely be my own person, knowing that not everyone will be on board with my beliefs or interests. But I've also realized that my deepest relationships with friends or family is due to the fact that no matter what I have decided to actively show up and see who they are and they have done the same for me. We may not do it at the same time but that's the point, being there for someone when they need you. Actively check in, listen, support, tell each other the truth even if it sucks.
I challenge you to start treating people with the love, loyalty and respect that you are craving. See what comes back in return.
Now people still come and go like the seasons, don't waste time on relationships that drain your energy. The ones that matter to you, choose to show up for them. .
We need to start loving people like dogs love people. Every freaking day they are excited to see you regardless of how yesterday went. I thought I knew loyalty until this girl came into my life. .
Who here knows what I'm talking about? what do you love about having a dog?


Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend! Sorry if I don't answer any messages or comment back. Stepping away for the Holidays and working on new plans.
In the meantime, here is my girls bluebonnet picture for spring! -it's a Texas thing;)


Life has no room for hesitation. It can cost you everything. In sports it can cost you the game, in rodeo it meant one tenth of a second could determine taking money home or leaving empty handed.
Have you ever been on the hwy and someone is trying to change lanes but can't decide. Don't be that person who can't make a choice. It causes a chain effect that ends up in a crash and getting somebody hurt.
Now it's good to think about your decisions but once you have chosen a path, commit to it. Act without hesitating and give it everything you have. Life will start to adjust to work in your favor when you commit.
Don't be an in between the lanes driver of your life. Take the leap of faith on a business you want to start, a job you want to take, a marathon you want to run. Decide, commit, succeed.
Share if you know someone who is slow with changing lanes! Tell them to quit!


There are plenty of fish in the Sea...be a Mermaid.
Yes I pulled the mermaid quote, but seriously....you do you boo, the world needs it.


All good things in this lifetime are indeed your divine Destiny. -Deepak .
Don't worry my friends, what's for you will not pass you by.


Who else is pumped about the time change?! .
Never was a morning person but since seeing a good sunrise is one of my favorite things, I've learned to make the sacrifice😋


I have to do a little bragging on this all-star for a second. This girl seems to dominate everything she sets her mind too and Im so excited for her and all the other girls who just qualified for state in high school rodeo this past weekend! .
I used to help Megan in Barrel racing (although she didn't need my help) a few years ago. @megan.m13 came to me a couple weeks ago because she joined an art contest and decided she wanted to do a painting...but she had never painted before. Well not only did she qualify for State finals in Barrel Racing (through the toughest region in texas) she also made it to State with her painting...that she just whipped up! .
Go follow my page @powers_perspective to see the painting that made it to state:) .
Best of luck to everyone competing at the finals! Turn em loose and let those ponies run!


Your success is not dependent on being at the perfect place and the perfect time, it's dependent on your resourcefulness. .
It's not a straight road to the top but a series of zigzag's that help you climb to the top. .
Learn to be flexible, learn to be ok with being uncomfortable, stretching out, and being completely upside down at times. As long as you stay focused on your goal and make use of the holds you're given, success comes no matter what.
Click the link in my bio for guidance on finding your purpose and path!


"I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul" -Invictus .
Do you find yourself just going through the motions, coasting through life and checking off the to do list on your day to day routine? .
If you feel like your stuck in this cycle of day to day routines, a cycle lacking any growth or productivity. Ask yourself, are you really controlling your life and creating opportunities out of every moment or are you living the life someone else told you too? .
If you can't honestly answer the question then it's time to reorganize your priorities and make living a life unique to who you are a priority. Visit the link in my bio and watch the case study. .
Time to start working towards the things you are really passionate about. The dreams you kept sweeping under the rug need to be brought out in the open. Time to put the Captains hat on.