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Alright it’s time for warm weather again ☝️ ~ I’m not a fan of winter. My skin tends to feel so dry and dull and add on lack of sleep now! ☺️ My skin thrives off that extra bit of lovin’ thanks to micro/LED treatments at @emetheni (love you @lorendawney 🌾🙌) I love @emetheni ~ the entire team in there are so welcoming and friendly! I always look forward to going in. If you’re on the Gold Coast (Burleigh) hit them up for a treatment! Who doesn’t love a pamper! 🌿🌻🌾


Swipe right ☺️ ~ 5 months with my mini today ~ the best 5 months of my life 👶🏼💕🌿 She’s so smiley, she’s so animated and cheeky! Love making her laugh! It’s the best sound in the world. I feel so lucky! I still stare at her, heart literally bursting, and wonder how I got this lucky. And i know I will continue to do this for the rest of my life. It’s crazy how your whole perspective on life changes after having a bub. The little things you used to worry about don’t ever cross your mind anymore. That feeling of contentment and acceptance with yourself as you are 😍 ~ Have a great weekend beautifuls ~ Ayla is awake and it’s time to play. 🦄🐻👶🏼💁🏽‍♀️ #5monthspostpartum


Ahh perfect me-time with my @pranamat massage set. Being on the go every day & handling my baby girl causes a lot of tension in my muscles (my lower back especially), and this acupressure massage gives me such a relief, properly recharging my body and mind 🤗 The spikes on the pranamat press into your skin and muscles increasing your blood flow. The spikes oxygenate the area of use and releases endorphins. A natural painkiller and a great tool to restore energy.
Pranamat also improves blood circulation, which helps your body and shape to recover faster after childbirth. Check them out! Highly recommended for all new Mumma’s but also so great for everyone! 🌿🌾🌻


5 months postpartum and now I’m matching the bathroom! 💕👋😂 #5monthspostpartum


❄️ My snuggly snow bunny on this chilly morning!🐰 At almost 5 months she’s almost sitting on her own, she’s giggling all the time, she’s also trying to make us laugh. She’ll look at us with a big gummy smile, do two rolls and come up and look at us like “look what I just did mum and dad!?” Look how good I am!? And do it again. Hands down this is the best job ever in the world. #motherhood 👶🏼🤱🏽


I’ve been using my new pram basket everyday since it arrived! A lot of you may have seen it in my stories! I used it grocery shopping and have also used it to store Ayla’s baby essentials while out and about! Simply clip the strap around the bottom of your pram for extra storage! It is also foldable and full of compartments. Highly recommend! 😍 @prambasket_australia


I have an incredibly funny, cheeky, and tall baby girl! She pretty much takes after me!💁🏽‍♀️👶🏼 #pantsofffriday #myhappiness #aylarose


This pic is pre Ayla. I was so structured and organised with my days/weeks. I’d have my training locked in, my work organised, I set and met goals and felt on top of everything. Postpartum I am the COMPLETE OPPOSITE ~ I am forgetful, foggy and off with the fairies. I exercise when I can. And it’s not about the physical anymore it’s about the good feels and having energy for Ayla! 👶🏼🙌 My goal apart from making sure Ayla is super happy and healthy is to always show myself love and kindness. I think mothers put a lot of pressure on themselves to be perfect and on top of it all. HELL to the NO that’s near impossible! Just do what you can! I’m laying in bed right now, Ayla snuggled right in, giving me the biggest cuddles. There’s really no where else to be. Not pounding the pavement, no rushing anywhere, just being in the moment. Happiness overload! I LOVE BEING A MOTHER!


Good morning!! This nighty is the best!! Ultimate must have for your hospital bag and postpartum ladies! Button down front ~ easy access for feeding! Ayla is pretty stoked too! Her face haha. Swipe right to see front view. Love it so much I have created a 10% discount code for you all! Use code LEGOExDANI online @legoeheritage 💕✨ You’re welcome! #20weekspostpartum #legoe #breastfeedingwear


A little reminiscing 👶🏼🌈🌸 I loved being pregnant! I was 35 weeks here. Besides my weird hip that loved to seize up on me and the that horrible nausea, I really loved the whole process! I would watch myself in awe. I loved my body, I loved watching what it could do. Grow a tiny, beautiful little human!? A little of me, a little of Chris. The excitement. The anticipation. Wondering what she’d look like. The unknown. The woman’s body is bloody amazing isn’t it! I also wanted to say how grateful I am for all of you along the way and postpartum. The amount of advice and support I’ve received is overwhelming. I love this little community. Nothing but love for you all! #flashback #pregnancy #babygirl #grateful #loveyouall


Such a happy li’l vegemite today!! @huxbaby ❄️☁️👶🏼🌸🙌


Snug as a bug checking out the trees, the clouds in the sky and the early morning birds chirping. I stare at her curious face in awe. Everything is so new and interesting. There’s so much to learn and see baby girl!!!! 😍👶🏼🌴☁️💕🌈🐦