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Living sculpture showing in museums around the world. @daniellismoreexhibition opens next in Naples 2019. My book by @rizzolibooksuk is out now.


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And in 13 years we are fucked. We thought we had until 2030 until the tipping point of climate change would hit catastrophic levels. Once we hit 4 degrees hotter than what a planet is right now there is no going back. We now know we have 13 years until this happens. Unless we change our ways, each and every one of us. Wake up. #tenyearchallenge. One thing you can do it help repopulate the rainforests by donating to @coolearthaction. They only need 100m to save the world. Same price as a Basquiat....


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#tenyearchallenge i got younger. Decided contour was not for me. 🤣😂 Might delete this later.


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Haa! What are the chances that I would bump into @boygeorgeofficial in @sainsburys... he asked me what I was doing there. I told him I was shopping. Lol. So yes this is proof I do dress like this when I go to the supermarket to buy my weekly groceries. ♥️🥚🐟🌽🥜🥒🌶️🍆🥕🍋🍌 Regram #boygeorge @celinedion lol


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#tenyearchallenge 2009! Omg can I believe this was ten years ago!!? @katemossagency @felicityhayward and @bethditto thumb. 📸 @richardyoung110 #birthdaygirl 🎂


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Happy birthday beautiful Kate. You kindness is forever an inspiration to me. @katemossagency 🖤❤️🖤 📸 @nikolaivonbismarck #katemoss


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17 years ago. (half of my lifetime ago) age 17. Just after this I moved to London to become a model from a small village called Fillongley outside Coventry. Up to the age of 17 I was a sci-fi art obsessed geek, over weight bullied individual who had not too many friends and stayed in at all costs unless It was to the village pub or local goth bar, under age. Worried about my future, scared of my identity and sexuality. I was alone in the world but was surrounded by my family's love for me. I then developed bulimia and my life changed forever. Without the qualifications I went to see if I could get on the photography course at my local college. The head was a lesbian German lady called Ulli, she saw something in me and invited me to study photography. I discovered the works of and was inspired by the work of @david_lachapelle @cindysherman @nangoldinstudio and Steven Arnold and people like @marilynmanson @michaeljackson I developed a thing for self portraits and putting myself center stage of my classmates shoots for art. I was well read on Dali and Warhol. Their inspiration merged in my head and all of a sudden I started going extreme with my images. I had always dressed differently so thought I should apply to the fashion course and was told I wasn't good enough. I developed a little bit of a fuck you attitude because of how many times I was shot down. I was so lost before but just then I became myself. Who I wanted to be. I visited London twice to march against the Iraq war and applied to csm, they told me I had to choose between becoming a model or being on their course... Spontaneously I told the head of the school I'd rather study life. Little did I know what was Infront of me. Neither could I have possibly have imagined how colourful, dark and beautiful the next 17 years would be. 📸 @loulou985x taken in a grave yard in Coventry


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Off to work... Still asleep. You can't pay me enough to get out of bed and my nightmares follow me everywhere! #walkingdead #wearingabed Happy Mondays!


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What a night! All the club kids in London came out last night for @boygeorgeofficial @wearebrando I then took them on a tube ride! #boygeorge #clubkids #clubfreaks #dragqueens #londonnightlife #londonatnight


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Elves and the witch. #iceland #mystopover 🧝🏼‍♀️🧞‍♀️🧙 Thanks again @icelandair #iceland #reykjavik #icelandair


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Happy New Year from Iceland! My favorite place to spend NYE! #mystopover #iceland #reykjavik #icelandair


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Waiting for 2019.